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Driveway gate openers offer an added layer of security to your home or place of business. The addition of an automatic gate opener not only adds another layer of protection, but it is also an immeasurable added value of convenience. But figuring out the best automatic gate opener for you can be tricky.

There are many makes and models of automatic gate openers as well as gate openers with a swinging gate, sliding gate, vertical lift gate, and barrier arm gate. Then there are dual swing and single swing gates, barrier gates, and solar gate openers to consider. And speaking of solar power, you also have to think about your power source and how you will manage in a power outage. With so many great choices on the market, sifting through all your options trying to find the best automatic gate openers can be overwhelming.

Depending on how you plan to use your automatic opener, the price and functionality will fluctuate. Residential and light commercial use gate openers may retail between $1,200- 3,500, whereas a heavy use industrial gate opener can up over $25,000.

Here is a breakdown of the best automatic gate openers on the market this year for sliding, swinging, barrier, vertical lift, and solar gate openers.

Sliding Gate Opener

Sliding gates provide a high level of security for residential and light commercial areas. A sliding gate opener restricts access to vehicles, pedestrians, and animals. Plus, these driveway gate openers are not prone to damage from high winds and other environmental factors that can become an obstacle for swing gates. If you have concerns about space, an electric sliding gate opener may be the solution.

liftmaster liftmaster lif rsl12ul 12vdc residential light commercial slide gate operator

The LiftMaster 12VDC Slide Gate Operator is a best seller for commercial sliding gates. LiftMaster is a trusted and reliable brand. This gate type is rated for heavy use, and since it is a solar gate opener, you don't need to worry about the control box during a power outage. It has a polyethylene cover to protect against UV rays and prevent rust.

This automatic gate opener will stand up against harsh weather conditions and lasts you for whatever your needs are for years to come.

Swinging Gate Opener

Swinging gates are a perfect fit for residential homes that need a medium level of security. These automatic gates are an economical option compared to other types of gates, such as sliding or vertical gates. A swing gate opener requires enough space to open fully to allow vehicles through and a level area within the range that the gate needs to open. This gate type can be dual swing or single swing gates that open to let both vehicles and pedestrians through a restricted area.

If you're looking for a swinging gate, the LiftMaster LA400PKGUL Swing Gate Opener is our best seller.liftmaster la400pkgul swing gate opener isolated on white background

This model uses solar power and had a 90-degree opening in approximately 17 seconds. This gate and automatic opener can be integrated with your smartphone to monitor control of the gate at all times. The LiftMaster LA400PKGUL also has a sensor to detect any obstructions to protect anything that may come within the gate’s path of closing, including a vehicle, person, or animal.

Solar Powered Gate Opener

USAutomatic Patriot Solar Charged Gate Opener Kit is the best solar energy gate opener on the market this year and one of our bestselling options.

usautomatic usa-020035 patriot solar charged gate opener kit isolated on white background

This gate automation system is best-suited for residential and light commercial use, including farms and ranches.

The USAutomatic Patriot Solar Charged Gate Opener is an advanced system compatible with either a single or dual gate opener, and you can use it for either a swing or sliding gate operator. It's versatile, efficient, and environmentally friendly. The gate motor uses solar energy as a power source, so this gate opener is a great way to lower your monthly electric bills as well as your environmental footprint. This model is a great option if you are looking to do both.

Barrier Gate Opener

The BFT Giotto 30S Parking & Car Wash Access Barrier Gate is the best parking barrier gate on the market for the year. This electric gate opener is perfect for commercial use for security for parking lots, toll booths, and other vehicle-restricted areas. The BFT Giotto 30S comes with a backup power supply system and capability for dual gate operation for using two serial board connectors.

This gate opener is made of break-away cast aluminum as a security and safety feature and has a cycle time of 2 seconds for maximum efficiency.

bft giotto 30s parking & car wash access barrier gate isolated on white background

Barrier gates restrict access to vehicles but allow pedestrians and animals to pass through freely. These gates are best suited for commercial and industrial purposes such as parking lots, toll booths, etc. Barrier gates require an gate automation system and opener that can endure a high level of use, as vehicles will likely need to be passing through frequently every day.

Vertical Lift Gate Opener

hysecurity hydralift 20f ups vertical lift operator isolated on white background

The a href="">HySecurity HydraLift 20F UPS Vertical Lift Operator is the best on the market for this year. Vertical lift openers provide the highest level of security and are best suited for industrial and high-security commercial areas. This model is galvanized to provide the highest level of protection against corrosion. With the use of industrial-grade components, you can expect the HydraLift 20F to have a long operating life with low maintenance compared to other brands and models.

Post height and panel size are customizable. The HydraLift is capable of raising its gate panel to a 5-meter clearance within 8 seconds.

Vertical lift gates are best for high-security industrial areas. They can open during all kinds of weather conditions, and opening vertically allows these gates to work well in spaces where space is limited, such as underground access.


Thanks for reading our recommendations for the best gate openers on the market this year. Finding the right gate opener for your needs is difficult with so many great brands and models to choose from.

This article covered the best gate openers on the market, from residential-friendly models to industrial and commercial use gate openers. Our recommendations are as vast as the products we offer.

Automatic gate openers are a great way to add protection and convenience to your residential home, commercial or industrial properties. We hopefully narrowed down the decision for which is right for you with these great options listed above.

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