Tonie has presented us with a very good question and has actually unbeknownst to her, answered it herself: I need to purchase a new remote control gate opener for our Apollo 1500E. The control I have is so old that I can't read on the back. On the booklet back the model #3089 is listed. Answer: Hello Tonie, what you have is a MultiCode 3089 remote control transmitter and yes we can supply you with as many as you need for about $15.00 each as we always have them in stock. So folks please keep them questions coming and lets have a little fun with them… and for the pros, ask away the service is free!!! Until next time. Have questions regarding our products? Our technical sales and support team is standing by if needed, just give us a call at 1-800-730-8382 or contact us by e-mail as we are eager to assist you for all your access control equipment needs. Find the access control product you're looking for today.