Daniel in Arizona wants to know : Hi, I have one Apollo gate door 7300ETL Installed, I need to know how many watts I must have on solar panels if this door operates until 215 cycles per day… my battery only last one year. I will appreciate your response to my email, regards. Answer: Well Daniel, according to our latest and greatest solar calculator, you will need to have two 60 Watt solar panels hooked up to a deep cycle (105A) marine battery… this should give you an average of approximately 248 cycles a day with a retained use of 11.2 days with no viable sunlight, now that is pretty good for any solar package… So Daniel then turns around and asks: Hi, I need to add one more panels to my solar Apollo motor, is there any way to identify the watts of each installed panels? I need to know so i can order another similar. I will appreciate your response. Answer: Hello again Daniel, the only way to determine that is to load and measure, or you can peek in the back and send me the model number so I can look it up. Have questions regarding our products? Our technical sales and support team is standing by if needed, just give us a call at 1-800-730-8382 or contact us by e-mail as we are eager to assist you for all your access control equipment needs. Find the access control product you're looking for today.