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Is your home intercom system still meeting your current security needs? If not, maybe it is time to retrofit your system or swap it out with the newest smart home intercom system available.

If your unit is broken, the easiest way of dealing with it is to repair or replace it with a newer unit. If it still works fine, some upgrades and incorporating new and compatible features will push it to maximize its use.

History of the Home Intercom System

The intercom system has come a long way since its introduction sometime in the late 1800s. It used to be a system comprised of speaking tubes similar to the can and string experiment you probably tried as a kid.

Intercoms were used in offices but were not as popular in residential homes. They served as a means for executives to summon staff to their offices.

Later in the century, telephone-based intercoms were invented, which connect two offices with a central station and are operated by a manual operator. Continuous advancements have placed these intercom systems in apartments and residential properties over the years.

What to Do With an Old Intercom

The video intercom system came to light in the 1980s and became available in many homes and apartments. It is probably what you refer to as the “old” intercom you currently have that only serves half of your home security needs. This type of intercom system has wires running across the building, connecting the master station and substations.

Smart home intercoms have incorporated many more features than the old intercoms had. The old ones are typically designed to broadcast visitor arrival to the connected monitor.

However, with smart intercoms, homeowners can view visitors from the remote monitor in the home. Likewise, they can allow gate access without physically being there. Both visitors and tenants can talk with each other using the integrated video feature.

You can tell your home intercom is old if it constantly breaks down due to faulty wiring, speaker static, and no communication. If you are leasing or renting the property, even the antiquated appearance of this kind of intercom system can hurt your market listing. It just isn’t modern or up-to-date.

Here’s what you can do with your existing old-school intercom:

  • Repair it. Professionals may still be able to revive an old intercom system. Hardware issues are the most common problem and may still be replaceable if replacement parts are available.
  • Recycle it. Old-school home intercoms that are already too old to repair are great for home decoration. Turn it into a new piece of art or reuse its components for an electronic project.
  • Remove it. If it is beyond use and becomes unsightly, feel free to remove old intercoms. It helps free up space, especially in old systems that use bulky in-unit hardware and servers.
  • Sell or donate it. If you are not fond of keeping vintage collectibles around, consider selling or donating them to organizations that collect antiques. These devices are a reminder of times gone by, and nonprofit organizations will be willing to preserve them for future viewing.
  • Replace it. Old home intercom systems that are beyond repair can be replaced. Consider getting a new model rather than replacing it with a similar model. You may be used to how your old intercom works, but outdated models can experience the same problems that are already addressed in the newer models.
  • Retrofit it. Upgrade to a modern home intercom system and experience new features designed with convenience and security in mind.

Old home intercoms have a distinct and vintage beauty to them. But functionality-wise, they are very lacking compared to modern intercom systems.

If you decide to get a new system, the following will tell you what useful features are best to consider.

Features of Modern Home Intercom Systems

The traditional home intercom systems are, indeed, reliable. You can enable access at the push of a button and view whoever is calling remotely. You don’t have to meet visitors at the gate.

Modern home intercom systems have pushed beyond this performance with added convenience and security features. You now have the option of:

Wireless Intercom System

A wireless intercom system streamlines the cabling and wiring needed to install a video intercom. The hardware only connects to a power supply, internet, and door release to function. Wired intercom systems are still available in modern intercoms but wireless systems are cheaper options.

Cloud Storage

Cloud storage eliminates the need for a large server to save video footage. It stores data on a cloud for owners to access anytime without physically going through their hardware storage.

Remote Access Control

It enables owners to grant entry to visitors even when they aren’t around. Intercom systems such as LiftMaster have technology accessible through the web or mobile app.

Smart Home Automation

Advanced home intercom systems can integrate with third-party platforms like Google Home as part of your smart home system. It gives homeowners total and comprehensive remote operation of all of their door intercoms and can even work with voice commands for hands-free operation.

High Definition Video

Say goodbye to grainy video footage with modern home intercom systems that use a high-definition camera. Some cameras can work through the dark using infrared technology.

One-Way or Two-Way Video Calling

This is one of the more important security features of smart home intercoms for tenants. It allows you to communicate directly with visitors. In two-way calling, the tenant and visitor can see and hear each other from the monitor.

Delivery PINS

Home intercom systems like LiftMaster have a convenient feature that enables users to issue a one-time PIN code. Using an internet gateway, the door intercom can connect with the In-Garage Delivery feature for couriers to deliver packages.

Upgrading Your Home Intercom System

Upgrading your system is not only about keeping up-to-date with technology, although that is the main idea. Did you know that a more modern system can also lower the operating costs associated with older models?

With less maintenance and repair expenses, the upfront cost of a modern intercom system installation is well worth the investment.

Visit us at All Security Equipment if you are pondering what to do with your old intercom model. Let our customer service help you sort out problems in case the unit is viable for repair. Or, we can help you pick the best fit for your property if you want to upgrade to the newest and most secure intercom technology.

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