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Modern times call for modern solutions to access control. The entry and exit of people and vehicles have to be verified to ensure the safety of tenants and the property itself. This is where DKS Doorking comes in, a reliable and impeccable brand for access control solutions.

Get to Know the Brand

Doorking Inc. (DKS) is a global brand established in 1948. Famous for its DKS gate operators, the brand also designs and manufactures telephone entry systems, parking control products, and other innovative items in the access control industry.

DKS has pioneered the use of dependable entrapment prevention systems in vehicular gate operators. It integrated the prevention system into its gate operators even before entrapment protection became a part of the standard for vehicle gate operators.

Doorking was also the first to use microprocessors and electromagnetic limits in its designs to maximize the safety provided by its products.

Located in Inglewood, California, DKS is one of the top leaders in the access control industry. It provides quality and premium solutions to every access control problem.

The brand has made a reputable name for itself that amplifies its renowned capability in the business.

Access Control Solutions From Doorking

Over the years, DKS has mastered its craft and excelled in providing access control solutions in residential, commercial and parking entryways. General applications of its products in various settings proved to be beneficial in many ways.

Here are some of the access control solutions you can get from DKS.

Digital Keypads

DKS keypads apply to any settings where a digital code entry is used. This can be used in standalone applications or connected to an access controller or any other safety system.

For instance, the 1504 model can be paired with the 1506 series for an intercom substation where voice communication is required.

Standalone Card Readers

A standalone access control system is cost-effective and is meant for low-budget security plans. DKS standalone card readers are meant for single-door use.

Access Controller

If standalone readers don’t suit your needs, go for a multi-door access controller instead. This is a good option for small businesses, apartments, office buildings and other industrial facilities.

It gives access control to specified individuals and also has reporting capabilities. It can control up to 8000 device codes and may be paired with a DKS remote call station.


An innovative addition to DKS access control solutions, DK DOT makes your phone an instant access credential even without an app. Just add an authorized DK DOT inside the case of your device and use it as your pass to gain entry.

Electric Locks – Strikes and Deadbolts

Great for standard doors, DKS electric strikes are budget-friendly and easy to install. All of them are suitable for doors with cylindrical locks. DKS also has a range of electric deadbolts to secure door and gate operations.

Magnetic Door and Gate Locks

Magnetic door and gate locks provide better security since they remain closed even under pressure. DKS fail-safe magnetic locks come in surface or mortise mount style and also have other special features like a built-in timer and LED lock status indicators.


For automobile access, DKS has its line of MICROCLIK and MICROPLUS RF controls.

Proximity Card Readers

Proximity card readers read access credentials within a given radius to verify and allow entry. DKS prox card readers have different mounting styles depending on what you need. They are also vandal-resistant, which makes them suitable for both outdoor and indoor use.

ProxPlus Secure Card Readers

Some facilities may require a high level of security, which proximity card readers cannot provide. For that, DKS offers ProxPlus, secure card readers that come with a unique identifier that is difficult to bypass.

Other DKS Security Solutions for Safe Access

Video Entry System

A video entry system allows tenants to visually see the people outside wanting to enter. It provides better control and can also be integrated into other security features like CCTVs.

DKS video entry system applications mostly focus on residential use.

Its latest product is the 2112 eVolve, which can control up to three entry points. With this video entry system, homeowners have infinite access to control the system virtually wherever they are as long as there is an internet connection and a laptop, a tablet, or a smartphone.

Telephone Entry System

A telephone entry system utilizes an intercom that allows communication between residents and visitors outside the building. It can either be a wireless intercom or a wired intercom.

The voice communication generated through the intercom enables quick and efficient contact for the parties involved. The ideal telephone entry isn’t only useful in residential buildings but also commercial facilities as well.

It is also a great addition to entrances that cater to people with disabilities, as they can call someone for help whenever they have to.

Access Control System

The access control system plays a major role in the security improvement of buildings and residential areas. The system integrates well with vehicular gate operators, residential and commercial gate operators, and garage and entry doors of residences and office buildings, among others.

An access control system has a control board that verifies data to either grant or deny entry. The use of this system in many access points has helped improve the security and safety of people, vehicles, and properties.

Gate Operators

Gate automation won’t work without gate operators. DKS operators make access control easier as they help open and close the gates without any physical interference. It can be operated with access credentials such as remote control, key fobs, or digital pin codes.

Some can even be connected to smartphone apps or home assistants like Google Home for efficient control and operation.

Parking Control Solutions

DKS has a wide range of parking control products that help verify access to parking facilities and spaces. Lane barriers or wedge barrier systems can be installed to help control traffic, especially in busy areas. DKS also has overhead gate operators, vehicular slide gates and openers for swing gates as well.

You’ll Never Go Wrong With Doorking

DKS Doorking designs, manufactures and sells safety devices for access, parking and entry systems of residential and commercial properties. Industrial sites also make use of DKS solutions in their aim to upgrade security levels.

Get your DKS device now from a reliable dealer like All Security Equipment. ASE carries several reputable brands in the safety and security industry, which include door and gate hardware, door and gate accessories and other related products.

Contact our customer service for any inquiries about the brands we carry and the products we sell.


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