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There are tons of reasons why a jackshaft opener is worth some space in your garage. For one, it helps you free some ceiling space that an overhead garage door opener normally occupies.

And if you can find the best jackshaft opener model, you will enjoy its other amazing features. Jackshaft openers are the recent technology in electric garage door opener designs.

They were ingeniously crafted to help homeowners maximize their garage space and solve common problems they can run into when using a more traditional opener.

What Is a Jackshaft Opener?

In the past, traditional garage doors worked by using a chain or trolley that pulled it up and down using an overhead motor. There is also the direct drive door opener, where the motor is the one that moves while the belt and chain stay in place.

A jackshaft opener, also popularly known as the wall mount opener, ditches this chain and belt system. Instead, it uses a torsion bar system that connects the torsion bar shaft directly to the opener.

This is what raises or lowers down the door. It is wired to a garage door control panel that allows an access control device to operate the door remotely.

Homeowners favor a jackshaft opener over an overhead opener not only because it is easy to install but also maximizes the storage space and creates more headroom in the garage.

Jackshaft openers are also easier to maintain and access when doing garage door repair and maintenance. For all these reasons and more, they are becoming popular in new garage door installations and upgrades.

Reasons to Choose the Jackshaft Opener

If you are familiar with traditional belt and chain garage door openers, then you are likely familiar with the sound that they make.

If you have the direct drive, you know how to lazily count the seconds it takes for the door to open or close. Since it’s the motor that moves, it operates quietly but also opens the door rather slowly.

Jackshaft solved these problems, and here’s why they are worth the investment:

Space Saver

A jackshaft opener resolves longstanding garage problems for high-lift cars and overhead motors. Since they are installed on the wall, garage ceiling space is freed up. The installation takes up very little wall space. 

As long as you have space near the door, a jackshaft door garage opener is ideal. Modern garages today have higher ceilings, mostly intended for keeping seasonal items like canoes and bicycles.

With a traditional garage door opener, that extra space in the middle of the ceiling is taken up by the door opener motor. 

A jackshaft opener doesn’t require that you climb up to the ceiling when installing, programming, or performing emergency repairs to your garage door.

Jackshaft openers, depending on the model, may work for rolling doors or sectional doors. You can check this feature before buying to ensure compatibility with your actual garage door type.

Less Noise

Chain and belt drive door openers are understandably noisy. The vibrations they create on the ceiling are also hard to miss.

If your garage is installed under a room, opening and closing the door can be annoying to the overhead occupants.

The jackshaft opener’s convenient wall mount design reduces these noises and vibrations for an almost seamless and discrete operation.

Additionally, a jackshaft door opener often uses a DC supply instead of the standard AC, which is significantly less noisy.

Safety Features

Traditional garage doors slamming down is an inevitable occurrence. Designed with safety and security in mind, modern garage door openers take away these possible accidents.

LiftMaster jackshaft opener, for example, has a built-in protector system composed of safety sensors.

Whenever an obstruction is in the way, the door reverses its action and won’t close at all. If something is wrong with the sensors like if the eyes are misaligned, the door won’t close either.

A jackshaft door opener has a cable tension monitor. This prevents the door from being thrown down when there is cable slack. It ensures that the door will not crush someone, even if the spring or cable is broken.


Electric garage door openers are designed with increased security features. A modern garage door often has a remote operation, which allows it to be opened by a remote control and access control device.

The door opener uses a rolling door code technology, which generates a new remote control code at every access. Furthermore, LiftMaster jackshaft door opener models allow home connectivity.

It uses the proprietary myQ technology and LiftMaster internet gateway (sold separately). The smart control panel enables homeowners to monitor and operate their garage doors and remote lights through their smartphones.

More Reasons to a Choose Jackshaft Door Opener

If you are working on a new garage door or upgrading your present one, there is no need to doubt choosing a jackshaft door opener.

It is meant to keep your entryway secure and help you manage it conveniently and with remote operation. It works not only with the garage doors but also with the garage door opener lights.

Central Locking Technology

Jackshaft garage door openers also have a power lock deadbolt or central locking technology.

A remote control or access device can safely lock and unlock the door at the push of a remote control button.

The automatic garage door lock can also be accessed over the web. It enables garage owners to activate or deactivate it when needed, even if they are not around.

Battery Backup

A power outage does not render the garage door vulnerable to outside forces.

A good example is the LiftMaster model 8500W with its integrated battery backup for continuous operation. You can still close and open the door using the remote control and activate its power lock deadbolt.

Motion Detection and Remote Light Control

Activating the motion detection powers up the remote LED light whenever someone is in the garage. No more fumbling for light switches and finding your way in the dark. It’s also a form of security alert whenever someone accesses the garage without permission.

Variable Use

A jackshaft door opener is not limited to residential garages. Some models can handle oversized garage doors found in commercial establishments.

Please note that a jackshaft opener or any electric door opener will work smoothly only within their range of capacity. This means that its reliability and performance are limited to the size and weight of the garage door.

Where to Buy

Jackshaft door openers are widely available in the market today. But to make sure that you are dealing with durable and legitimate products, buy them only from qualified retailers.

All Security Equipment is your one-stop shop for home security needs. Get your trusted door openers from us and enjoy your reliable product backed with a manufacturer’s warranty.

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