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The product line of FAAC electric gates is made up of swing gate operators, slide gate operators and barrier gates. Each type of electric gate uses a different method of providing the same basic function of granting or restricting access to a property. Below we'll explain each product group in more detail. 

FAAC Swing Gate Operators FAAC swing gate operators are comprised of in-ground and above ground operators and manipulate swing gates of varying weight and length. At FaacGateSystems.com, our wide variety of FAAC Swing Gates include models: FAAC DSW2000, FAAC 390, FAAC 400, FAAC 402, FAAC 412, FAAC 415, FAAC 422, FAAC 750, FAAC 760 and FAAC 770.

FAAC Slide Gate Operators FAAC slide gate operators offer the same ability to open and close a gate but do so with slide gates that move horizontally along a track which are manipulated by a pinion or chain. Our FAAC Slide Gates include models: FAAC DSL2000, FAAC 746 (Rack and Pinion or Chain) and FAAC 844 (Rack and Pinion or Chain). 

FAAC Barrier Gates FAAC Barrier gate operators differ from swing and slide gate operators in that they manipulate a barrier (boom) up and down to allow or restrict vehicular access to a location. Our FAAC Barrier Gates include models: FAAC 615, FAAC 620 and FAAC 640.

FAAC Operator Kits Save time by browsing our FAAC Operator Kits to see if we have a kit that suits your exact needs. As a FAAC operator specialist, we’ll be more than happy to assist you in making the right FAAC electric gate purchase.

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