OK now we are rolling on the customers question and let’s see if we can keep up with them… Adam has a question on a LiftMaster product which reads: Hi, I'm looking for a loop detector wiring datasheet to make the design of my connections. If you have anything, please, let me know. Greetings, Adam.

Answer: Good Afternoon Adam, on your wire harness the colors are as follows: Pin 1 – Power POS - Black Pin 2 – Power COM – White Pin 3 - Relay 2 N.O. – Orange Pin 4 – Ground – Green Pin 5 – Relay 1 COM – Yellow Pin 6 – Relay 1 N.O. – Blue Pin 7 – LOOP – Gray Pin 8 – LOOP – Brown Pin 9 – Relay 2 COM – Red Pin 10 – Relay 1 N.C. – Pink or Red/White Pin 11 – Relay 2 – N.C. – Violet Hope this helps Adam…

Pete asked about a LiftMaster receiver and transmitters: I have a faulty Liftmaster 312HM and I am going to replace it with a new one. I have lots of remotes already programed to the old receiver, and I would like to not have to reprogram them. It is possible to program the receiver to so that all the remotes will still work without reprogramming them? Thanks, Pete

Answer: In this receiver Pete, you either have 15ea. HIGH Security transmitters programmed or 31ea. of any NORMAL Security type of LiftMaster 315Mhz transmitters, if they were programmed individually you will have to reprogram one transmitter at a time or individually. Now on the other hand if you happen to have more than 31 transmitters programmed, it means that they were programmed back-to-back or “learned” from a master, if this is the case you would only have to program one transmitter into the receiver and all would work.

Evelyn asked about her wireless keypad: I have a damaged keypad which has been discontinued, what model replaces the LiftMaster 66LC?

Answer: Well Evelyn you are correct in that the 66LM has been discontinued, but don’t lose your cool because we can replace it with either the LiftMaster 387LM or the newer 877MAX which works with all receivers across the board. Hey folks now I am really starting to have fun since this is kinda/sorta ‘interactive’ it makes the blog very interesting, so keep those questions coming.

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