Enhance Security with Magnetic Gate Lock | All Security Equipment

Securing the entry and exit points of your home and commercial establishments are of great importance. As incidents and break-ins continue to rise even in neighborhoods previously considered extremely safe. Installing additional security features has become a necessity rather than a luxury. Garden and driveway entry gates constitute the biggest threat and strengthening security around these gates can go a long way in protecting your family and property.

Most entry gates come with remote locking mechanisms which can easily be hacked into for unauthorized access. Installing magnetic gate locks on gates can act as another layer of security making unauthorized access very difficult.

Most magnetic gate locks are available in kit form, consisting of a pre-drilled lock and mounting brackets, which makes them easy to assemble and install. There are virtually no moving parts which makes breaking or destroying them a difficult task. The absence of moving parts means that there is no wear and tear and hence no regular maintenance required either.

The Magnetic gate locks are generally remotely controlled through a telephone entry system, keypad or card reader. The only way to gain authorized entry into the house through a gate with a magnetic gate lock installed on it is by issuing the open command either on the keypad or on the telephone entry system.

By providing an additional layer of security, a Magnetic Gate lock offers an extension of your current security measures. Magnetic gate locks are available for both gates that handle vehicular traffic as well as for gates with pedestrian traffic.

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