Question: Joan in California graced us today with a hint of much needed humor on an otherwise drab Monday: I have the Apollo 1550-ETL model gate motor. I think that the actuator needs to be lubricated ..or not? If lubricating is part of the maintenance then I have found where I think the grease goes But I can't find how to put it in motor. Please advise me of what is needed... to lube or not to lube?

Answer: Hi Joan, it is preferable not to lube, actually. The Apollo 1550 ETL is a self-contained, maintenance free operator with an “endless screw” system that electromechanically moves the arm shaft in and out opening or closing your gates… The only thing you really need to worry about with your Apollo 1550 ETL is to keep the gate hinges and operator attachment points clean and lubricated.

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