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Any place that houses 200 or more residents, whether it is an apartment complex or a commercial establishment can benefit from an automated access system that allows tenants to grant access to visitors entering the complex without having to physically leave their unit. In the absence of a centralized automated entry system, residents would have to step out of their home or business every time they have guests or visitors.

An automated entry system is a must, but you need one that is both efficient and affordable. The Ae500 telephone entry system is not only affordable and efficient; it is also highly scalable which means that you can keep adding lines without having to worry about overload.

There is always the possibility of a break-in especially in an apartment complex, which is why the AE500 Telephone Entry is securely housed within a stainless steel enclosure that makes it impossible for intruders to gain easy access. Equipped with a number of features like the telephone style keypad that makes it easy to punch numbers, an easy to read graphical display and a backlit directory display as well, the AE500 Telephone Entry is one of the most secure and easy to use entry systems in the world. There is also an option to connect it to a CCTV camera for additional security.

A fully hands free system, the AE500 Telephone Entry system allows full duplex telephone communication with visitors to ensure residents can confirm the identity of the person before granting access. The system can be programmed to work with any kind of access doors, magnetic or electric as well as manual gates and gate operators. A built-in speaker and microphone ensure audibility is not an issue on either side of the communication line.

The AE100 telephone entry comes with advanced features that make it more desirable for today’s computer savvy generation. It can be programmed locally using a keypad or web programmed remotely as well using a computer. Modern lifestyles demands flexibility which is exactly what the Ae500 Telephone Entry provides, along with ease of use and at a price point that is hard to beat.

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