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The EMX Raven Microwave Vehicle Detection System is a great solution for businesses looking for an efficient way to manage parking operations. The Raven Microwave Vehicle Detection System offers an advanced solution to help businesses optimize their traffic management capabilities and gives them access to comprehensive data on vehicle movements. Read on to learn about the full range of benefits this cutting-edge technology offers businesses like yours.

How the EMX Raven System Works

Industrial and commercial facilities can boost performance, safety, energy efficiency and lower costs by deploying a microwave vehicle detection system to optimize the flow of traffic. Such a solution enables improved customer/employee security while also enhancing equipment longevity - eliminating possible delays associated with installation or service needs.

Microwave vehicle detection systems offer a reliable, efficient solution for large overhead doors. These specialized devices transmit high-frequency signals via direct line rather than broadcast radio; making them ideal when traffic directly approaches or passes the door and in-ground loops are not possible. Additionally, they can be used on exterior sides of panels to detect people passing by.

EMX Industries, Inc. has crafted the perfect solution for facilities and installers alike with their state-of-the art RAVEN MICROWAVE MOTION SENSOR series of vehicle detection systems! Not only can this technology detect vehicles in complex environments but also filter out cross traffic while accurately sensing people’s presence - all using a single system.

EMX Microwave Motion Sensor with Two Relay Outputs | EMX-RAVEN


Benefits of the EMX Raven System

  • With the RAVEN, businesses can ensure that their overhead doors operate efficiently and reliably. For example, dealerships are able to set up automatic gate operators which detect moving vehicles as they approach - a feature which prevents unnecessary energy consumption while protecting against prematurely worn parts from frequent activation of the door operator.
  • The RAVEN’s adjustable detection field makes it a great fit for wide doors where vehicles may pull up in different positions. To ensure maximum coverage and accuracy, the detector can be adjusted vertically to +/-90º increments of 15º and horizontally by as much as +18°/-18° - achieving optimum reliability every time.
  • The RAVEN system offers unparalleled flexibility in traffic direction options to support any facility workflow. By strategically positioning two sensors, one outside and the other inside a door, vehicles can be detected both as they approach or depart from it. This bidirectional detection capability is uniquely helpful for large industrial doors where cars may enter from either side of the building.
  • With the RAVEN System, facilities have access to innovative cross-traffic suppression. This sophisticated feature allows vehicles approaching overhead doors from different directions to pass without unnecessary door openings— reducing maintenance on operators and energy consumption while also protecting against wear and tear.
  • The RAVEN system's detection capabilities go beyond traditional sensors to provide a heightened level of safety and security. Its dual relays can effectively tell the difference between pedestrians and vehicles, with adjustable settings that trigger relevant responses such as lighting or access control activation depending on size. This ensures secure entryways while providing an extra layer of protection for those in proximity.
  • Installation is a breeze with the RAVEN! Its innovative design eliminates cutting into pad or concrete for loop installations, and can be easily mounted at heights between 8 to 23 feet depending on overhead door size.

Is the EMX Raven System Right for Your Business?

If you're in need of a streamlined solution for your facility or installation project, the advanced RAVEN microwave vehicle detection system is designed to increase efficiency and deliver optimal customization with ease. With it, multiple large overhead doors become simpler than ever before.

EMX Microwave Sensor | EMX-HAWK2

For simple, focused needs like moving vehicle detection, EMX's HAWK II MICROWAVE DETECTOR offers the perfect solution. Need a more sophisticated system to also detect people and objects beyond motion? EMX's OWL MICROWAVE DETECTOR is your go-to. This advanced combination of microwave and infrared technology will help keep any facility safe.

EMX Activation and Safety Sensor (Microwave and Active Infrared) | EMX-OWL

To summarize, the EMX Raven Microwave Vehicle Detection System offers many benefits. The system is non-intrusive and can be installed quickly and easily. Additionally, it is very accurate and provides real-time data that can be used to improve traffic flow and safety. If you have any questions about the EMX Raven Microwave Vehicle Detection System, feel free to contact us. We would be happy to answer any of your questions.

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