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Automatic door operators are not mere luxuries; they offer practical solutions for residential and commercial applications. This is particularly true for homes and businesses regularly accessing their garage doors.

Frequently opening and closing heavy-duty doors can take a toll on you or your security personnel in a business setting. Automatic door openers eliminate the stress of manually opening and closing your garage. 

In this guide, we’ll explain the different types of automatic door operators designed for garage doors to help you decide on the best option for your needs. To help narrow your search, we’ve included a few pointers to look for when choosing a garage door opener. 

Types of Automatic Door Openers for Garage Doors

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An automatic door operator is an electronic access unit that uses a motor to open doors. Automatic door openers designed to open garage doors are called garage door openers. Usually, they feature a remote control that allows users to operate the openers without stepping out of their vehicles. 

While garage door openers work for residential and commercial applications, the drive systems (the component responsible for the operator’s motion) differ. 

The three main drive systems for garage door openers are:

1. Belt Drive

Garage door openers with belt drive systems use rubber belts to open and close doors. They operate quietly and don’t require much maintenance, thanks to the fewer moving parts.

The LiftMaster 87504-267 is a great belt drive choice. The model features an integrated 360-degree camera, enabling homeowners to see everything that happens inside the garage. 

Users can record, save, and streamline videos when they subscribe to the video storage subscription. The unit is Wi-Fi enabled and allows homeowners receive push notifications on their mobile devices.

Belt drive systems are great for small or light garage doors. Consider another drive system if you have a large or heavy garage door. Also, belt-driven automatic door operators are more expensive than many standard options.

2. Chain Drive 

Chain-driven garage door openers use industrial chains to move garage doors up and down. These models are typically inexpensive, making them the most common choice for many homeowners. 

A classic example is the LiftMaster 1/2 HP AC Chain Drive. This model is one of LiftMaster’s most popular chain drive systems and is equipped with several industry-leading features and technologies.

A good chain-drive garage door opener for commercial applications is the LiftMaster 87802. It is a heavy-duty model that provides ultra-powerful performance for heavy garage doors. It comes complete with a fully integrated backup battery, 3-button remote control, and a smart control panel. 

While chain-driven automatic door openers are not expensive, they are noisy. Consider a chain drive system if your garage is detached from your living area, bedroom, or office area, as the noisy chain can cause discomfort and distraction. 

3. Direct Drive

Like chain drive systems, garage door openers with direct drive systems use a stationary chain. However, the major difference is that the motor in direct drive systems moves the trolley. This results in an extremely quiet operation and more reliable performance. 

Consider the LiftMaster 8500W if you’re in the market for a direct drive garage door opener. This wall-mount option includes an integrated battery backup, an automatic garage door lock, and several must-have modern features. 

As you may have guessed, direct drive garage door openers are typically more expensive compared to chain drive and belt-drive models. However, they are great for most applications and have longer warranties.

    What to Consider When Choosing an Automatic Door Operator

    A woman walking into a garage in front of a car

    You’ve probably seen a ton of automatic door openers or garage door openers on the market. But before you pick one, keep an eye out for the following things:


    Garage door openers with safety mechanisms should be on your radar, especially if you have kids or household pets. Consider models with auto-reverse function, object detection (photo eyes), manual release, pinch-resistant panels and hinges, and more.


    The horsepower (HP) of a garage door opener is the amount of weight the unit can lift. Consider how large and heavy your garage door is when choosing automatic door openers.

    Most residential garage doors only require 1/2 HP openers, while models rated 1 HP are great for heavy-duty doors. 

    Use Frequency

    You don’t need a high-duty cycle garage door opener if you hardly access your garage door more than a few times daily. 

    However, multifamily apartments and other commercial applications where garage doors are often opened daily require high-duty cycle automatic door openers.

    The LiftMaster APT501L5 is an excellent choice for commercial applications with high-duty cycles. It is rated for up to 125 cycles per day (spread over eight hours at least).

    Mount Style

    Whether you choose an overhead garage door opener or a wall-mount model depends on the space in your garage and your preference.

    An overhead model is common in most homes and commercial settings. However, you want to choose a wall-mounted option if your garage ceiling is too high, doesn’t have enough space, or is unevenly shaped. 


    Keep an eye out for models with good warranty coverage. A garage door opener with lifetime warranty coverage for the motor and at least a 5-year warranty on parts will be a great choice.

    Additional Features

    Most modern garage door openers offer extra features for increased convenience. Options with built-in Wi-Fi connectivity are great because they allow you to remotely control and monitor the unit from a smartphone app. Some smart garage door openers offer voice support for voice assistants.

    An Automatic Door Operator for Your Needs

    Homeowners, as well as business owners, can enjoy the increased convenience that comes from installing automatic door operators. Accessing garage doors is much easier with these easy-to-operate mechanisms. 

    Good-quality garage door operators like the models in this article are cost-effective and designed to last long. 

    If you want the top automatic door operators from notable brands, you’re welcome to browse our extensive collection to find the best model for both residential and commercial applications.


    If you have any questions about the different types of automatic door operators or which one would be best for you, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to help!

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