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Self-storage facilities today face unique security challenges. Not only do they need to protect against external threats, but they also need to deter would-be thieves from breaking into storage units. That's why RBtec Perimeter Security Systems provide self-storage perimeter security solutions. RBtec products are designed to provide superior protection for self-storage facilities of all sizes.

While self-storage facilities and RV and boat storage facilities are a common target for theft, the businesses that offer these services are facing an issue: when a break-in occurs, the damage is not only to the business owner, but also directly to their customers. This is because the self-storage and RV/boat storage industry is based on the trust between the business and its customers. When that trust is broken, it not only damages the relationship between the two parties, but also jeopardizes the ability of the business to continue operating.

RBtec Project Overview

RBtec is a leading provider of self-storage security solutions. Their products are designed to deter and detect intruders, and their team of experts is always available to provide support and guidance. RBtec were contacted by a large chain of self-storage facilities that was dealing with multiple break-ins on several locations. The first location that was chosen to deploy the IRONCLAD system was a 2000ft/600m perimeter. The main factors that influenced this decision were the solution's ability to meet the customer budget and the simplicity of installation. The IRONCLAD system was able to provide the customer with a high degree of protection at a cost that was within their budget.

RBtec IRONCLAD Fence Alarm System

RBtec IRONCLAD Fence Alarm System

RBtec knew that their IRONCLAD fence sensor would be the perfect solution. The IRONCLAD is a simple, user-friendly, and reliable device that will alert if someone climbs or cuts the fence. It is also easy to install, which was another important factor for the customer. RBtec is proud to offer a product that meets the needs of its customers in such a comprehensive way.

More About IRONCLAD Fence Alarm System

  • Plug & Play installation, easy to install
  • 3 Layers of false alarm filtration, peace of mind, only the real events will alert you
  • Economical and affordable technology to cover 100% of the perimeter
  • Protects up to 10ft/3m fence height with a single cable in the middle of the fence
  • No training, certification, or special tools needed
  • No sophisticated calibration, zone sensitivity easily adjusted with dip switches
  • Maintenance free – 2 year warranty on the sensor cable
  • 500 Sensitivity levels allow the system to detect in any environment, weather, or infrastructure
  • Dry contact relay outputs (NO or NC), can be connected to any alarm system/DVR/CCTV/Access Control
  • Ideal for installation on chain link, welded mesh fences, or concertina coils
  • Optional: Weather Station, Stainless steel twist ties, Gate kits

RBtec IRONCLAD Fence Alarm System

How Do the IRONCLAD Perimeter Sensors Detect Intruders and not Wind?

The IRONCLAD perimeter security system has been designed to minimize false alarms. It utilizes three layers of filtration to achieve this.

  • 1. The Algorithm of detection is designed to detect only sharp frequency vibrations associated with intrusion attempts while filtering the long frequencies from weather
  • 2. 500 levels of sensitivity easily adjusted
  • 3. A weather station to avoid false alarms caused by weather conditions

RBtec Self-Storage Perimeter Security Solutions

Our team of experts would be more than happy to answer any of your questions about RBtec perimeter security solutions. You can contact us through our website or by phone and we will be more than happy to provide you with all the information you need. Thank you for taking the time to read this case study and we hope that it has been informative.

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