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A standard doorbell and locked doors just won’t cut it when it comes to identifying and screening visitors at the entrance of your home or business. Security devices like door entry systems, commonly called door stations, are your first line of defense to protect your building. They allow you to screen visitors before granting them access to your home or business.

If you already have surveillance cameras, adding a door station intercom system will perfectly complement your security system, as door entry systems provide two-way communication at the primary entrances of residences or commercial premises.

Aiphone makes some of the best door stations on the market. If you’re considering installing one of these door entry systems on your property, here’s everything you need to know about the features and how the devices work.

What is an Aiphone Door Station?

Aiphone is one of the world’s most reputable brands when it comes to entry security systems. Appearing on the American telecommunication equipment scene in the early 1970s, the manufacturer has over 50 years of experience making high-quality, durable products with superior performance.

The Japan-based company is known for manufacturing easy-to-use video entry security systems with trouble-free installation, such as the Aiphone door station. Many of the manufacturer’s door stations work for indoor and outdoor locations, with some models allowing users to answer calls on their tablets or smartphones wherever they are.

How the Aiphone Door Station Works

A standard doorbell, traditional intercom, and door station are devices with a similar purpose, which is to alert occupants in a home or business to the presence of onsite visitors. These systems, however, work differently.

Standard doorbells merely send signals that ring a bell inside a building when a button is pressed. On the other hand, traditional door intercom systems usually feature two-way communication devices (one at the entrance and the other inside the building). Unfortunately, these traditional systems are generally not connected with other surveillance or security systems in the building.

Modern video door stations integrate with the existing wireless networks and surveillance systems in a building, making it easy for occupants to receive and answer calls on their mobile devices when a visitor pushes the call button on the door station.

Newer door station models often feature video intercom capabilities in addition to two-way audio, making them an excellent addition to entrances at single and multi-apartment buildings, hotels, and other large commercial buildings.

Aiphone door entry systems range from simple to complex models suitable for various applications. Some models incorporate modern video intercom capability, making them perfect for users who want a complete package.

Key Features of the Aiphone Door Station

Depending on the door station series, you can expect some of these features and capabilities on the entry security system.

PTZ Camera

PTZ stands for pan, tilt, and zoom functionality in camera-enabled door entry systems. Many Aiphone systems feature cameras that allow users to view visitors from different angles for proper screening and identification.

Apart from providing sharp and crisp videos, the cameras in some models like the Aiphone Video Door Station AX-DV have lens covers to protect the camera.

Two-Way Communication

Aiphone door entry systems are designed to allow simultaneous communication between a tenant and a visitor. To make things even more convenient, some models allow hands-free communication, so visitors don’t have to press the call button to speak.

LED Illumination

Thanks to the LED lights in most Aiphone video door station models, occupants can easily identify visitors during the day or night. The LED automatically turns on when visitors press the call button in low light conditions.

Compact Design

Aiphone door stations are typically designed to be slim and compact, so they don’t take up a lot of space at entry points. Besides impressive functionality, the small size and beautiful design of these devices enhance aesthetics.

Some options, such as the Aiphone Flush Mount Door Station, mounts flush on the wall next to your door, or a 2-gang back box. The flush design combined with the stainless-steel cover makes this option blend nicely with most modern home and business exteriors.

close up of aiphone flush mount door station

 Vandal-Resistant and Weatherproof

With several decades of experience building some of the world’s most durable door entry systems, Aiphone’s products are designed with long-lasting materials.

The security devices are often encased in materials that can withstand temperatures between 14- and 140-degrees Fahrenheit. The materials range from die-cast aluminum to stainless steel and ABS plastic. These protect the internal components and keep them working in excellent condition regardless of the weather.

The anti-vandal designs ensure the devices resist tampering attempts in most cases. Many Aiphone door stations have IP ratings ranging between 33 and 43, meaning the devices are well protected from small wires, tools, and water sprays.

Wide Price Range

Aiphone designs door stations for various residential and commercial applications at various price points.

You’re sure to find something that fits your budget, whether you are interested in a highly affordable door entry system or a more sophisticated video door station model.

High-end options are particularly suitable for hotels, large office complexes, multi-apartment buildings, etc. An excellent example is the Aiphone Mobile-Ready Box Set with a surface-mount door station. This model features everything you’ll need in an app-enabled door entry system, including:

  • 7” touchscreen for crystal-clear images
  • Onboard memory for recording calls
  • LED lights for clearer visibility in low-light conditions
  • Ability to connect up to eight tablets or smartphones with a simple mobile app


aiphone mobile ready box set isolated on white background

Upgrade Your Standard Doorbell with an Aiphone Door Station

A standard doorbell lets you know someone is at the door, but it doesn’t help you identify or screen visitors.

You should consider upgrading to a door entry system if you want to increase security and for your home or introduce access control for your business. Installing an Aiphone door station at your primary entrance is a brilliant addition because this device lets you identify and communicate with visitors before granting access.

At All Security Equipment, we stock several door entry systems from Aiphone Co. Ltd. to meet users’ various needs and budgets. Check out our collections and related products her.

If you have any questions about Aiphone door stations or would like more information, please contact us. We would be happy to help!

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