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The traditional method of securing a property with lock and key is no longer relevant in the current world, for instance it is impossible to lock up an apartment community or even an office space that provides round the clock service with lock and key even at night because people have different work timings and it is not possible to physically monitor who is coming and leaving at what time. Also keys have turned out to be highly inefficient as a security tool as they can easily be stolen, lost and even duplicated. Changing locks every time a key is stolen is just not feasible besides the fact that a lock and key does not guarantee the kind of fool proof safety modern living demands.

Access control systems offer a far more secure and convenient method of controlling access to your property, whether it is a home or a commercial office building. Access control systems like the Linear Am3 controller are being increasingly sought after because of the high level of security they offer. Located inside a magnetic tamper switch, the entire Linear Am3 controller can easily be programmed to grant different levels of access to different user groups. For instance all office staff might be granted front door access but access to server rooms and rooms with high value assets might be restricted to a smaller group of people.

The Linear Am3 controller only grants access to authorized personnel and cannot be tampered with. What’s more granting and revoking access rights is very easy and fast, which means that as soon as a card is reported as stolen or misplaced, you can block access of anyone using that card. Linear Am 3 controller is easily programmable to work with different kind of security door installations, whether it is an electrically spiked door or even magnetic locks. The system is easy to install and operate and does not even need dedicated software for its functioning. You can even program and maintain the Linear Am3 Controller from a remote location using existing software saving time and resources in the process.

With business thefts rising by the day, securing assets has become a priority which is why access control systems like the Linear Am3 Controller are required to ensure that your assets remain safe even without the need for any physical monitoring. Far more effective and efficient than posting a guard or putting a lock and key on the door, the Linear Am3 Controller ensures access is only granted to those authorized by you. You can even set the times of access to deny access to your high value assets to anyone during the night. This kind of flexibility is what adds to the value of access control systems like Linear Am3 Controller.

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