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In places where you'd like hands-free or handicapped access to a doorway, we suggest installing an electric door opener such as the FAAC 950 BM, a silent and stylish swing door opening and closing unit that is reliable and safe. The FAAC 950 BM comes in two models, one with a Slide Arm and another with an Articulating Push Arm which are sure to meet the needs of most applications.

When should you use a Slide Arm or Articulating Push Arm you ask?

When to use a Slide Arm model

The slide arm model is used for frame mounting only for inswinging doors.

When to use a Articulating Push Arm model

The articulating push arm on the other hand is for frame mounting on outswing doors or door mounting on inswing doors.

Whether you have an inswing or outswing door you would like to open and close automatically, the FAAC 950 BM model is sure to suit your needs.

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