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The Importance of High-Tech IP Cameras and Night Vision Software

In today’s increasingly complex world, property managers understand the critical importance of safeguarding their homes and businesses. Physical barriers alone are no longer enough. Security experts agree: a well-rounded security system requires a layered approach, with perimeter security cameras as a crucial element.

UNV security cameras offer excellent performance at an affordable price for various business applications, including smart cities, industrial parks, transportation, commercial applications, residential, finance, school, and healthcare systems.


Beyond Grainy Black and White: Advancements in Night Vision and Image Quality

Security cameras have come a long way from the static black-and-white recorders of the past. Technological advancements have transformed them into powerful deterrents and investigative tools, significantly improving image quality. However, despite these strides, most security cameras still rely on unreliable infrared (IR) for night vision, resulting in grainy, low-contrast monochrome footage with blind spots.

The importance of details in night vision technology cannot be overstated, as it directly impacts the effectiveness of surveillance. This is concerning, considering that around 45% of property crimes in the U.S. occur at night.


UNV: Leading the Way in Cutting-Edge Security Solutions

Uniview (UNV) is a leader in the IP video surveillance industry, known for its commitment to innovation and making high-grade security accessible. Here at All Security Equipment, we’re excited to explore their latest game-changer: Wise-ISP technology powered by the UNV large model.

This technology promises unparalleled clarity with enhanced brightness and color, significantly reduced smear and noise – the best performance ever in extremely low light, ensuring excellent performance.


UNV's Wise-ISP and ColorHunter Technology: Advanced Features and Benefits

ColorHunter 2.0 and Wise-ISP revolutionize night-time security by providing 24/7 clear images without needing extra lighting, thanks to their advanced features. This adaptable technology integrates with most mid-sized UNV camera models and functions effectively in various security scenarios. Here are some key features of UNV’s Owlview series:

  • No IR Light Needed: Owlview bullet and turret models use two warm lights, while the dome model requires none, offering exceptional night vision performance. The network capabilities of these models ensure seamless transmission of audio and video data.

  • Innovative Smart Dual Light: This budget-friendly option features both IR and warm light options, along with a built-in speaker and microphone, making it ideal for cost-conscious users.

  • Ultra Low Light Performance: Significantly reduces trailing shadows, ensuring clearer, more accurate images.

  • Unmatched Clarity: Even in extremely dark conditions, Wise-ISP and Owlview maintain full-color images unlike traditional cameras that switch to black and white.

  • Enhanced Visual Field: Improved color restoration, noise reduction, and better detail in dark areas.

How UNV's ColorHunter Technology Works

Three major breakthroughs in surveillance technology enabled Uniview to create the ColorHunter camera:

  • Super Large Aperture: UNV cameras boast an F1.0 super large aperture lens, letting in more light and significantly improving image brightness. Lab data shows these lenses capture 4 times more light than F2.0 apertures. The power capabilities of Uniview technology also ensure reliable power supply for long-range PoE and notify about power status using the 'PWR' light.

  • Progressive BSI Sensor: Uniview’s latest BSI sensor maximizes light reception and improves overall sensitivity. The advanced video compression technology minimizes bandwidth and storage space while preserving high-quality images and video content.

  • Friendly Lighting LEDs: Unlike traditional red infrared LEDs, these warm light LEDs produce minimal light pollution and maintain true colors even in low-light environments. Additionally, their light can deter potential criminals.

    Overcoming the Darkness: Cutting-Edge Security Solutions

    Traditional security cameras often capture irrelevant information, making footage review tedious and detail retrieval from grainy, black-and-white footage nearly impossible. Additionally, they trigger false alarms due to birds, animals, or weather conditions. These outdated cameras are being replaced by low-light technology like UNV’s ColorHunter and Tri-Guard security cameras. Staying at the forefront of security solutions is crucial for property protection.

    Our team of security professionals at All Security Equipment is here to connect you with UNV’s Wise-ISP technology and other security solutions for all your property needs.

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