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Gate access control systems have changed the way modern gates function. Combining technology and aesthetics, it has heightened security and functionality without compromising elegance and design. Access gate controls come in a selection of options to match the property security needs.

There are different types of access gate systems designed for specific gate needs. All of these are available at All Security Equipment and come with exciting technological trends to change the way the gate functions.

What Is Gate Access Control?

Gate access control refers to the physical gate entry system installed in individual gates. It integrates the gate, gate operator, lock, and alarm so they work more seamlessly when monitoring the property and authorizing entry.

This gate security solution utilizes hardware and software to regulate the entry and exit of both vehicle and human traffic on the property.

A gate access control system is roughly composed of:

  • Gate operators are the physical device that opens and closes the gate.
  • Access control devices are the credential readers that signal and command the gate to open when the presented credentials match those in the system.
  • Security cameras are often integrated into access gates to monitor and record the events as they happen.
  • Sensors and detectors prevent the gate from accidentally closing in on an obstacle in the gate’s way.
  • Access management software is the brain of the gate control system, which manages the gate access.

Types of Access Gate Control

Whatever type of gate you have, a swing or slide gate, residential or commercial, you have the option for automation. All you need is to find the right gate access control suited for your particular gate hardware and design.

Keypad Entry System

The keypad system is the most basic access gate control and is widely used as a backup system. It is a simple system installed at the gate entrance that requires only a unique PIN code for access. It is ideal for residential homes and works well for either swing or slide gate operators.

Key Card or Proximity Card

The key card system utilizes a card or fob instead of punching PIN codes into the keypad, which is more convenient. When the card is within a reasonable distance from the gate card reader, the door or gate will automatically unlock. Proximity cards are used in large residential communities, commercial properties, and parking garages.

Biometric Systems

The biometric access control system enables the door to be accessed using fingerprints, iris scans, or facial recognition. These systems are often used on pedestrian gates and in high-security and sensitive areas where only a few users are authorized to access the security gate.

Telephone and Intercom Entry System

The intercom and telephone systems enable the visitor to talk to the property owner or the security team. These systems are often equipped with a directory where visitors can look up and dial the specific unit owner to request an entry.

This is best for large and gated communities to streamline the work of security personnel and property managers.


Radio Frequency ID (RFID) systems use radio frequencies to read registered RFID tags. These tags are integrated into vehicles and scanned at the access gate to enable entry.

It is used in office buildings, parking lots and large gated communities that cater to and manage a large number of vehicles for the building tenants and employees.

Mobile Access Control

Mobile access is the most advanced gate access system, designed with several convenient features. Using the power of the internet, mobile access control allows gates to be remotely controlled and monitored 24/7 through the web or a smartphone.

LiftMaster gate operators, for example, use the myQ technology, which makes everything secure and accessible. Wherever the property owner may be, the gate will send instant notifications and gate reports. The owner can verify the visitor's identity and enable access even when no one is home.

Modern Trends and Designs

Gate access control systems are continuously evolving with technology. They offer more features that enhance the security and convenience of gate operation.

Smart Home Integration

Home technology has gone a long way since the introduction of smart lighting and automated HVAC systems.

Today, security cameras, gate openers, garage door openers and smart locks can be integrated into the same system that operates your thermostat and lights. It means that you can access all your smart devices through a single interface to better manage your home.

Advanced Biometrics

In addition to fingerprint and iris scanners, some gate controls may also allow voice recognition. Some of the latest LiftMaster gate openers can be integrated into smart home technology like Google Assistant and IFTTT for a more secure and convenient entry.

Vehicle Detection

Vehicle detection systems using RFID technology have become much more comprehensive. These systems use License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology to scan the plates of approaching vehicles based on the internal database. Authorized users simply drive the vehicle to the system-controlled access gate, and the system will automatically open.

How to Choose an Access Gate Control System

The first thing to consider is the type of gate and its style. Swing gates and slide gates are the two basic designs that can be automated and are the basis for selecting the right automatic gate opener.

Choose the gate opener or operator that can handle the gate's size and weight, as well as its frequency of use.

Next, consider how the gate control components will be connected. You may choose a wired system, which is reliable and secure but may pose installation challenges. Wireless gate access controls are flexible, scalable and easy to install but may also be prone to breaches.

The next step is selecting the access control system or the automated gate components. Evaluate the system for access gate control that will work well and be easy for users.

If you need keypads, key cards, biometrics, telephone and intercom systems or other access gate control for your property, contact us at All Security Equipment. We offer a wide range of these devices and more to enhance property access and gate security.

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