Electric Strikes

In today’s world, it is essential to upgrade your security level. For this, you need to replace your old locks as it is hard to completely rely on them. You can rely on electric strikes for your safety.

Electric Strike Locks are basically electrically powered locking systems to manage door access. Installing this device, you will have more control over the entire security system as well as your doors. Have a look at the configurations and features of these types of locking systems in order to understand their importance.

These locks have ramped surfaces to lock latches that permit the doors to open. In order to unlock the latches, you have to grant access using a device such as a button or telephone for example. And it is sure that no one can unlock your doors without your permission. It means you are more secured in comparison with older locking systems. 

There are two additional configurations that make your life easier and safer. First, it has failed-locked feature and it applies electricity on striking/locking. With this, you can open your door even in case of failed power supply. You are able to open the door by turning the knob of your door. The second is fail-safe feature. It allows the doors to be locked at the time of electricity supply. Using the direct current, it works like magnetic locks. You can open the door with the push or pull.

It is very safe to install and use. After the electric strike lock installation, you need not worry about safety and the buzzing sound. Basically the buzzing sound is the alternating current. This locking system provides you the complete control over the access of your doors. Its installation ensures your safety.

After knowing the features and configurations, it is sure that you will like to replace your old locking system with electric strike locks. Contact Magnetic Locks for your demands of electric strike locking systems. The company will support you in availing high quality electric based locking systems.

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