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Designed for apartments and gated communities, telephone entry systems have been proven vital in past for safeguarding the privacy of people and protecting them from various other security threats. The telephone entry system varies for different sites such as small, medium, large or extra large. The machine helps you to have complete control over access to the property. You can customize the settings of the machine as per your requirement to get the best out of it.

These telephone entry systems with camera come as well for a full proof protection. They require the telephone entry access. The visitor will have to communicate with you directly before entering your premises. Only after taking your permission on the telephone, he will be allowed to enter. You can also deny the admittance through the telephone land line or cellular phone with a touch of a deny button your Smartphone if you do not wish to allow access to the visitor who is looking to enter in your property. 

Using the telephone entry system is very easy and does not require any specialized knowledge. There are several important features of this machine. The broad features of this machine are as follows.

  • The machine does not follow a complex procedure that is difficult to understand and apply. The telephone entry system is easy to install and simple to use.
  • The machine offers very convenient remote access of the control system
  • The machine comes with the capacity to store sufficient number of entries in the memory. You can electronically store as much entries as want. The capacity of storing entries varies with the type of telephone entry system you are using.
  • You can instant block the access with a single tap on your Smartphone
  • You can easily read the text as the machines come with LCD screens and brightest displays
  • You can easily control all the doors and gates of your buildings by just sitting at one place. You can operate the electric doors, MAG locks, door operators & gate operators.
  • You can fully customize the machine and make necessary changes that fit your needs.

To take the best care of your privacy and for full protection of your area, this telephone entry system is ideal. It is important for you to have only limited access in your apartments so that you can reduce the chances of strangers or undesired people in property.

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