Safety is a main concern at For this reason we have chosen to discuss the use of photo beams within gate operators. Typically the majority of professionals in the security industry suggested that a gate operator should be equipped with either one or two photo beams to ensure safety. Photo beams are devices that transmit a beam of light across the area a gate opener is opening. This beam functions as a signal to the gate operator. If the beam is tripped it will prevent the gate operator from closing or reverse the gates motion. For example, if you have a gate opener installed in a residential area and a child runs past the beam when the gate is closing, the beam will sense the child and instead reverse the closing motion and open the gate once more. These types of devices are intended to detect the presence of an obstacle when the beam is interrupted. We highly recommend that when installing a gate operator you consider the use of a photo beam. Popular photo beam brands include FAAC, EMX, Omron, Miller Edge, GTO and NICE. Have questions regarding our photo beams?

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