Customer service is one of the most important aspects of running a commercial business. Catering to the needs of all customers is a must. Sometimes, certain demographics are accidentally overlooked. Is your business accessible to all customers? Having a handicapped accessible business is not only politically correct, it is thoughtful and kind. People should not have to ask you for help when trying to enter your business. Your customers deserve the best treatment available, so make sure they get it. Equip your business with handicap access control systems for hands-free handicapped access.

Making your entryways handicapped accessible is easy with equipment from All Security Equipment. We provide a multitude of add-ons for your entryways. All Security Equipment offers a variety of automatic door openers to make coming and going easy. These easy to install systems make entryways and exit-ways totally hands-free. That means no holding, pushing, or pulling heavy doors. Customers can come and go as they please without hassle. Provide true customer service by making sure everyone is included. People of all ages have disabilities and require a little extra help here and there. Show your community and customer base that you truly care by installing hands-free, automatic door openers. Have questions regarding our handicapped accessible commercial entryways?

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