Well as we all know a few years back, any UL operator would need one of two safety systems, either a line of sight hold-to-close manual button or it had to be equipped with a monitored reversing device when wired to auto-close, it could be applied in two different situation, the N.O. trigger relay to reopen or hold open a device when the edge is compressed and the N.C. supervised circuit which meant that any loss of continuity in the circuit would cause a closing door to reopen and an open door to remain that way… While the photo cell will work in most cases, the reversing edge system can easily and inexpensively add that second layer of protection and prevent a “crush” incident when the photo cell is not crossed or tripped as can very easily happen in applications with slide or swing gates where you cannot cover the moving span of the actual gate with the infrared of the photocell.

These safety edges come in a myriad of styles, with tracks or without tracks, hard wired and wireless, they even come ready to resist extreme temperatures like freezer doors and hangar doors.

So give us a call and let us set up the right edge for you, so that it adds safety and professionalism to every one of your installations.

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