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Question: Walter has a programming issue with his new truck: I have a 2015 F350 King Ranch truck. How do I make the truck learn the Nice Era One 2 button remote code?

Answer: Good morning Walter, and may I begin by saying “Nice truck”!!! The Lear Car2U® Home Automation System integrated into your Ford King Ranch is a universal transmitter that includes two primary features – a garage door opener and a platform for remote activation of a gate. The system’s opener function replaces the common hand-held door opener with a three-button transmitter that is integrated into the interior of your 2015 Ford King Ranch, unfortunately the 433 MHz frequency that the Nice-Apollo transmitter uses cannot be programmed into the Car2U system. The good news is that Lear, the makers of Car2U will send you a receiver that integrates seamlessly into your gate operator and is easy to install and program.

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