Is the Infinity M Telepad compatible with the infinity L? | All Security Equipment

Stefanie sent us this very valid question: We've had the Infinity M telepad for a number of years. Is our current resident database compatible with the Infinity L?

Answer: Hello Stefanie, as a matter of fact, the entire Infinity series will program with the Sentex SPSWin Software and that is available for free at the following link… As well as the programming manuals and all the updates that you may need for your system. However if you are forced to swap out your telephone entry system, why not go ahead and for approximately the same price upgrade to the new Chamberlain EL2000 with the newer, windows based, user friendly ElitePro Software? Also you can use the available database conversion tool from the same web page listed above to transfer all your residents info from your existing SPSWin into the new ElitePro.

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