This is Apollo’s answer to the commercial barrier gate operator to be used both with the normal 120/230 VAC as well as with the always popular and Solar/GREEN power option. Let’s talk about the M-Bar, these babies can handle a barrier arm from 10 ft. to a whopping 23 ft. with a powerful 24VDC high torque (100/300nm) motor and are designed for over 200 cycles per hour. They come encased in a durable steel structure (available, get this in a reinforced Stainless Steel cabinet), with a new design high strength balancing springs that come guaranteed to provide you 1,000,000 (yes that is a million, count them zeros!!!) openings and closings of the elliptical sectioned bar with very high wind resistance. All the electronics are housed in a separate compartment than the mechanical section and get this… electromechanical limit switches, set them and forget them! If and when you need to service these machines you’ll find that the control unit has been set on the upper part of the body in the cabinet which will allow you to easily access the control unit… also you will love the protected photocell departments inside the cabinet and the bar actually has an amperometric reader that monitors the motor when running to give you unparalleled obstacle detection during movement. The system sets itself to standby when not in use to conserve energy, which as you know is extremely useful when using the solar option, and in case of a blackout, the emergency batteries in the operator will allow to continue using your system for a determined period of time as the standby mode draws very low power consumption. How about the array of options available like flashing/lit arm, integral traffic light, articulated joint for arms and aluminum rack skirts and on board plug in long range receiver… which makes these machines a great choice in the commercial, industrial, gated community applications where the number of cycles and the tough outdoor conditions require a definitely tough and durable operator.

The sizes vary from: M3BAR – 9.8 Feet Bar M5BAR – 13.1 or 16.5 Feet Bar M7BAR – 16.5, 19.7 or 23 Feet Bar LBAR – Up to a 29.5 Feet Bar So on your next installation; take a closer look at these magnificent machines with power and size to spare as well as a modern and sturdy design to outlast even your toughest client expectations.

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