We wanted to take the opportunity to discuss the ideal applications LiftMaster’s LA Series are used for and what each model in the series does. Commonly referred to as the LA Series Gate Actuators there are three models that fall into this category. They are the LA-400, the LA-412 and the LA-500.

The first one in the series is the LiftMaster LA-400 gate actuator. This operator is capable of swinging a gate up to 16 feet long and weighing up to 550 pounds. It is UL325 compliant for Class I, II, III, IV and 24volt DC with a battery backup system that offers a soft start/stop, a built in 315MHz (312HM) receiver, bi-part delay, clearly labeled control inputs and lock relay. This can be used on a single application as well as a master/slave setup. As a Chamberlain/LiftMaster product they are dependable, durable and come with an outstanding 2 year factory warranty.

Second on the list of the LiftMaster LA Series actuators is the LA-412. The model is used for residential applications, is energy efficient and is a solar powered enabled gate operator. It is used to swinging a gate up to 16 feet long and weighing up to 550 pounds. This unit is Class I UL325 compliant and comes with a 2 year factory warranty. It includes the built in 315MHz (312HM) receiver, control inputs, lock relay, bi-part delay for master/slave applications, soft start/stop. The control panel has the EverCharge Power Management System. For just under $470 a 20 Watt solar panel could be added to the unit which makes it the ideal machine to “GO GREEN.” If you quality, LiftMaster will provide you with a 30% tax break (only in selected states). To find out if you qualify visit LiftMaster’s web site.

The third and “Big Guy” on the list of LiftMaster’s LA Series Actuators is the LA-500. The most advanced gate operator in the series. This is about as heavy and hefty as you will ever get without going hydraulic as it will handle gates of up to 18 feet and as heavy as 1600 lbs. depending on the gate configuration. Did we mention that it also achieves a 90 degrees opening in 17 seconds?! It is UL Class I, II, III, IV complaint. Being a single/slave gate operator it is the state of the art operator of its type in the market. Features that make the LA-500 a state of the art operator include MyQ Technology, a newer and better ranging Security+ 2.0 receiver (850LM), dual programmable relays, built in Surge Protection, integrated loop detector bay (for use with the LIF-LOOPDTLM), 115/220VAC (with single phase torroid transformer kit). It is also available with a solar power option, which makes it the ideal light commercial “GREEN” operator for those applications that are difficult to supply with an AC power source. All this with a solid 2 year manufacturer’s warranty! Now that we have given you three iron clad reasons to take a closer look at our LiftMaster LA Series Actuator Gate Operators do not hesitate to contact our technical sales and support team as they are eater to assist you with all your Gate Operator needs. Take advantage of these easy to install, dependable swing gate operators, whatever your application might require.

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