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Pre-configured and ready for installation, our Apollo Gate Kits are assembled to meet or exceed the needs of customers who demand a rock-solid gate opener or barrier gate. Save time and money by reducing your product research time and the extra cost of buying parts separately. Our Apollo Kits come in three groups which we will explain in more detail below:

Apollo Swing Gate Kits

Apollo swing gate operator kits, as the name implies, operate swing gates and are capable of manipulating swing gates up to 16 ft long and up to 600. Included in each kit are two transmitters. Our Apollo swing gates kits are built around Apollo models: 1500, 1550 ETL, 1600 and 1650 ETL.

Apollo Slide Gate Kits

If it's a slide gate you need to operate, take a look at our Apollo slide gate operator kits that are built to handle slide gates up to 40 ft long and weighing up to 725 lbs. Our slide gate kits are built around the Robuskit 400 & Robuskit 600 models and include access control devices, some kits also come with racks. Also available are solar kits.

Apollo Parking Barrier Kits

Our Apollo parking barrier kits are a great choice if securing access to your parking facility is what you're looking for. Built around the NICE X-Bar parking barrier, our barrier operator kits come with a 10 ft. lighted boom, warning lights, battery backups and solar panels.

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