Hey techies, let’s talk about the operator no one talks about… Are you guys familiar with the Apollo 3500ETL and the 3600ETL? The Apollo 3500ETL is a solar compatible swing gate operator for swing gates up to 20 ft. and 1000 lbs. This 12VDC gate opener is UL325 compliant, post mounted with articulated arms and rated to work continuously! It is set in a weather resistant metal cabinet and comes with a two year factory warranty and although it is battery operated, it however has the option of having a Solar or AC charger. Recommended for heavy duty and, as we mentioned before, continuous commercial use on swing gates up to 20 feet and 1000 lbs. this baby is pretty cool, note that even in the event of electrical power outage, or repeated overcast days, a fully charged deep cycle marine battery (which is the recommended battery for this operator) the 3500ETL will provide up to 300 cycles or 30 days usage on a basic system before requiring a recharge. Also it comes with the availability of the computer “GateLink” software connection option, which lets you monitor your gates. The Apollo 3600ETL is the dual (bi-part) ‘Big Twin Brother’ version of this powerful gate operator with all the same features and specs (well except that this one moves two gate leafs of 20’ in length and up to half a ton in weight… each) So come on down and take a look at these bad boys, lets discuss how and where your next installation or upgrade is going to be. Have questions regarding our products?

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