In the meantime, today I would love to talk to you guys about economical and reliable Biometrics access control. Are you all familiar with the FAS-SB-F700 Fingerprint Reader? This little baby is a standalone, self-contained system that uses advanced biometric technology making this device not only extremely accurate but ideal for access control applications in offices, factories, communities and housing developments. The programming of this tough little reader is done by the infrared remote control keypad and has the capacity to store a maximum of 120 fingerprints with an input and identification time of 2 seconds +/-, connects thru an easy to read, color coded wire harness and incorporated a shunt style tamper switch. It is designed to enter sleep status automatically to reduce power dissipation and prolong the readers life. It has a relay power output of 2 amps making it functional for everything from like door strikes and maglocks to bigger machines like gate operators, jackshaft door operators and garage door operators. So if you need a solution for a simple access control for a small community of office, take a look and be amazed at how truly innovative this reader really is. Have questions regarding our products?

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