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Adding gates to your property is a simple way to increase security, and if you are looking for optimum protection, then automatic gates are indeed the way to go.

However, there are a few things you should take into account before switching your manual gates out with an automatic gate opener and sliding gate kit. The size and configuration of your gate certainly top the list, as they can affect the choice of your electric gate kit.

Additionally, different versions deserve your attention before installation as well. Knowing all the significant points before purchasing can help you save time and cost.

For instance, an electric or automatic gate kit is responsible for automating your manual doors and making your home more secure. Nevertheless, not all versions are for wooden fences; getting the perfect one is like finding a needle in a haystack.

Here are the top five factors you should consider before adding automated gates to your home.

wooden door with kit

Evaluating the Size and Weight of Your Gate

This is a crucial factor to consider when selecting your sliding gate kit. Each kit comes with a different motor, and each motor has a maximum gate size that it can move. The manufacturer usually specifies this on the package along with the gate design.


Although sliding gates feature overhangs, you should always measure the distance travelled by the gate rather than the size of the overhangs.

Since motor operating widths are determined to the nearest meter, you must always round up the measured breadth of your gate. For example, if your sliding gate frame opening is 4.5 meters, go for a gate operator capable of moving a 5-meter gate.


Although you often won't see a stated weight limit for a sliding driveway gate kit, operators might sometimes have a set weight limit for residential gates. Because it is assumed that large commercial gates are exceedingly heavy, they automatically arrive with powerful motors for their swift and efficient sliding on guide rollers.

Even though you cannot physically weigh each gate leaf, your gate's age can be a reliable indicator of its weight.

Wooden gates and the gate hardware get heavier with time, while the newer ones are hollow and typically much lighter. If your home has wrought, heavy-duty wood gates, you might need to consider underground kits or hydraulics to operate them. Therefore, pay close attention to that, so you make the right choice. 

Type of the Gate

The type of gate can also affect the length of each wing and hence, the choice of your gate kit.

Since motors can take up extra space, measure the exact distance of the gate and add 350-400 mm in it to ensure that the gate leaf can fit the motor in it. Or else, be prepared to reinstall your gate!

Is There Any Sloping or Unevenness in the Area?

If your entrance slopes from left to right and is on uneven ground or a hill, a suspended cantilever gate might be the right choice.

Operating a sliding gate up or down an inclination can be dangerous and stress the motor significantly. If the motor fails or the gate gets detached, things can get damaged, and people can get hurt.

Additionally, you can't use a sliding gate kit on the uneven ground since its wheels must be buried in a straight track to function properly.

Powering the Gate

Electric gates are powered using electrical outlets or solar energy. Although solar panels are receiving more attention globally, if you prefer putting smart devices on your fence, they certainly are not suitable due to their inconsistent, nominal power supply during the winter and fall months.

A standard safety gate can work up to eight cycles per day in winter and twice that in summer, so yes, the fluctuation in the power supply of solar panels is relatively high, hence not suitable for operating smart devices.

On the other hand, your regular electric supply allows you to augment your gates with cameras, intercoms and other safety gadgets. Simply fix the device onto the gate and connect it to your nearest power switch using a cable wire.

And if you prefer an easy way out, you can hire a professional or company to do the job without causing any damage to your driveway.

The Cost of the Kit

The price of the slide gate kit can vary according to your needs. The slide gate kit for residential properties is available at lower prices, while the ones for commercial use feature exceptionally high requirements and lie on the pricier side.

A common mistake most people make is using a low-specification kit to save money. It may seem tempting initially but will do no good in the long run. Going for a kit or sliding gate frame that is not adequate for your gate opening will only result in malfunctions and frequent technician visits in the future.

Therefore, we strongly recommend against it and suggest choosing a security gate kit with the requirements that suit your gate and your needs. Choosing the right sliding kit for a wooden fence can result in more straightforward pre-installation preparations.

And, if you are unsure of the preparations you will need to make before installing your electric fence security gate kit, don't hesitate to consult a qualified team to help you out! All of our security items will pass the security tests with flying colors.

Still uncertain about the right sliding gate kit for your wooden fence? Take a look at our extensive collection to make up your mind!

If you have any questions or need help choosing the right product, our team at All Security Equipment is here to assist you. Contact us today for more information.

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