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We all know about parking ticket machines. It seems like they’re set up in every airport, shopping center, or office in today's world. These machines are an ideal piece of equipment for parking revenue production and enforcement. They ensure that the drivers do not exploit car parks and only park when needed, and installing these innovative machines helps deliver a positive customer experience.

Choosing the right parking ticket machine for your premises can be daunting. With all the options available in the market, you may already feel your head spinning. But don’t worry, we will provide a complete and comprehensive guide to selecting the appropriate parking machine for you in this article. Keep reading to find out more!

How to Choose the Right Parking Machine for Your Needs

Each parking ticket machine has different features, and you must recognize where each will fit best. Below are some factors to consider before investing in one for your property.

Parking Prices

Parking prices vary from machine to machine. They can be determined in various ways, depending on the machine you choose. Some popular ones are:

  • Parking ticket machines with a fixed rate per minute multiplied by the duration of stay.
  • Parking ticket machines with rates depending on the size of the vehicle and the length of stay.
  • Parking ticket machines that charge according to the rush hours; that is, high rates when jammed and lower rates when less busy.
  • Others operate on the combination of the above methods.

Payment Options

Unlike the conventional parking machines that only accept coin payments, modern machines offer flexibility in payment options. Customers can either pay using a credit or debit card, dollar bills, mobile application, or with a single tap contact payment. So, no more stocking up your pockets with quarters!

Timing of Payment

Parking ticket machines have distinct systems allowing customers to pay either at entry or exit.

  • Pay-on-foot parking machines refer to gated ticket machines that require the customers to pay when exiting the parking lot. Customers receive a ticket upon arrival, which they then put into the machine to find out their parking fee and make their payment when they’re ready to leave.
  • Pay-on-display parking machines. These machines require you to pay for your ticket before entering the lot and displaying it on your car's windshield throughout the parking period.
  • Disc payment parking machines. Disc parking ticket machines allow time-restriction-free parking. The driver puts a parking disc or clock disc on the dashboard, displaying the parking time of the vehicle. A patrolling guard can then check the disc to inspect whether or not the fee is due.

Is it easy to use for the customers?

Are the buttons of your parking machine large and readable enough for anyone to use? Are the instructions only depicted in the text, or does the machine employ user-friendly icons and pictograms? Is it easy to recognize the coin acceptor at first glance?

A clear design and layout of the parking ticket machine improves the parking experience for your customers and can even turn them into regulars!

Fixed or handheld?

The basic distinction between anything is whether it is stationary or mobile. Conventional fixed parking machines cut down on the cost of labor, but the modern handheld ones have the upper hand. They facilitate contactless ticketing and are less prone to theft and breaking, resulting in better revenue generation.

Maintenance and Service

Got a paper jam in your parking ticket machine? Want to modify your parking rates or add coupons? Time to change the printer? With time, your parking machine will go through many phases of wear and tear. Therefore, it is essential to opt for one that is more durable and immune to these setbacks, resulting in low maintenance costs and high remunerations.

Go for a trusted brand

When selecting a company to get your parking ticket machine from, you must choose wisely. No one wants to pay heaps of money on a mediocre machine that won’t even last a few months.

Go over the brand’s and product’s reviews to get a solid verification of the quality of your parking machine. Aside from the high-quality equipment, a trusted brand will also provide its customers with introductory hardware training, around-the-clock customer assistance, and a long-term warranty. These services have a significant role in letting users buy their ticket machines with complete confidence.

Wrap Up

Parking ticket machines are an integral and irreplaceable component of parking guidance systems. From ensuring smooth traffic progression to preventing people from unnecessarily jamming car parks, these hard-working devices are a must-have for any car park owner who’s looking to increase profitability.

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