Question: Armando has a little bit of a complicated issue: I have the Apollo 636 board and the Apollo 1600 dual door actuators. The doors get stuck open or in the retracted position. If I disconnect the primary actuator it will sometimes close, most other times if I press the led button on board, the gates will close. Do I need a new board or do I have problem with the primary actuator or maybe the free exit sensor?

Answer: Well Armando, I would not rush to buy a new board just yet. Before you do anything, my suggestion is to take out the battery and test the voltage under load. If you do not have a meter to do so, you can always take it to an auto parts store (PepBoys or NAPA) and they will test it for you free of charge. If the battery checks OK under load, all your connections are clean and free of corrosion and your peripherals (photocells, loop detectors and exit probe can be tested by simply disconnecting them from the gate operator) are in good working order… then you will probably need a new board.

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