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Keeping the need of the world’s safety in mind, advanced technology and innovative minds have evolved newer, better as well as stronger safety systems known as the Proximity Card System, or a Prox Card System. These systems not only offer a better safety option, but also provide more convenience while checking in and checking out as the proximity cards are part of the new age of contactless card technologies. A ‘contactless’ smart card can be read without inserting it into a reader device, as required by the credit cards, contact type cards and other earlier magnetic strip cards.

More about Proximity Cards

Proximity card systems enable the identification of an encoded number when the card is held near an electronic reader for a moment. The reader generally produces a beep to indicate that the card has been read. In this way it supports the users’ convenience and ease while also providing solid security.

One of the great benefits of these cards is that they can often be left in a wallet or purseand read by simply holding the wallet or purse near the reader. Proximity cards typically have a read range up to 50 cm (< 15 inches).

Here are a few benefits of installing these security systems in your enterprises, offices or residences for your safety safety:

  • Prevent Intruder Access: The first and foremost advantage of having a proximity card access system installed in your enterprise or organization is that it prevents any unauthorized access in order to give you the privilege to run your business.
  • Eradicate the use of the Keys or Passwords: Now you don’t need to struggle with a bunch of keys as the prox card system works entirely on the encoded number identification, hence, providing an efficient security option for your business.
  • Easy and Cheap Installation: Proximity card systems are easy to learn and easy to install, without compromising quality or sacrificing critical features these convenient access systems contain everything you need for a complete two-door, expandable system for a very low price.
  • Ideal for Commercial Organizations: Proximity Card Access Controllers have their best uses in most enterprises as these devices are suitable for high security areas and are responsible for verifying and granting authorized access as well as attendance monitoring.
Hence, you see that Proximity Card Access Systems are the best choices for the commercial or industrial purposes. However, these access controllers can also be installed for residential security to give you a sense of safety when at home as well.

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