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The UNV 5MP 180° Bullet and Eyeball wide angle security cameras have officially been released! This is great news for businesses in the Small and Medium Business (SMB) market. These cameras provide high-quality images, better cost, performance, and a variety of features that make them suitable for many scenarios such as cross roads, squares, stadiums, parking lots, etc. Let’s take a closer look at some of the product highlights.

UNV 5MP 180° Wide Angle Security Cameras

The 5MP (2880*1620)@30fps sensor provides far more information than traditional security cameras so you can get a better view of your premises. It also has a built-in mic and comes with 120dB WDR for clearer images in low light conditions. Additionally, it comes with IP67 ratings which indicate its resistance to tampering or damage from extreme weather conditions.

This cameras support 256 GB Micro SD card so you can store more recordings without needing to delete old ones. Finally, this camera comes with smart intrusion prevention and ultra motion detection so you can identify any suspicious activity quickly and accurately. It can even differentiate between humans, motor vehicles, and non-motor vehicles which makes it easier to detect any unauthorized activity on your premises.

In short, these 5MP 180° angle wide angle security cameras are an excellent choice for small businesses looking for reliable security solutions at an affordable price point. They come with plenty of advanced features that make them suitable for many different scenarios while providing high-quality images and better cost performance than traditional security cameras. We are confident that these new cameras will be able to provide peace of mind for businesses everywhere!

UNV 5MP HD Wide Angle Intelligent IR Fixed Bullet Network Camera IPC2105SB-ADF16KM-I0

5MP Wide Angle Bullet Network Security Camera IPC2105SB-ADF16KM-I0

With the 5MP CMOS sensor, the high quality image produced by this security camera is truly remarkable. You can view the footage in 4K screen resolution at 30 or 25 frames per second, plus it has a wide angle technology that provides a horizontal viewing angle of 180°.

This camera has smart intrusion prevention with cross line, intrusion, enter area and leave area detection to help reduce false alarms. To capture excellent footage even with strong light scenes, this camera has powerful 120db true WDR technology. Lastly, you can use its built-in microphone and Smart IR to get clear audio and 20m of infrared distance while recording.

UNV 5MP HD Wide Angle Intelligent IR Fixed Eyeball Network Camera IPC3605SB-ADF16KM-I0

5MP Wide Angle Eyeball Network Security Camera IPC3605SB-ADF16KM-I0

The latest image sensor offers high quality with 5MP, 1/2.7"CMOS and multiple resolutions including 2MP, 3MP, 4MP and 5MP at 30/25fps. An ultra wide angle technology with up to 180° viewing angle gives you full coverage of your chosen area without distortion. UNV's advanced Smart Intrusion Prevention feature can detect things like cross lines, intrusions and entering or leaving areas using target classification which drastically lowers any false alarms due to environmental elements e.g. leaves or birds.

With 120dB true WDR it ensures clear image quality in strong light scenes no matter what time of day. It also includes a built-in mic for recording audio as well as of IR distance up to 66 ft and an IP67 protection rating for extra protection from the elements.

UNV Wide Angle Security Camera

The new UNV 5MP 180° Wide Angle Security Cameras are a great addition to any home or business security system. With their wide field of view, these cameras will capture everything you need them to. Contact us today if you have any questions about these cameras or other security products and services we offer.

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