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For those of you who are new to the world of Magnetic locks and Electric strikes, this post will inform you of the differences between the two security methods.

Both Magnetic locks and Electric strikes serve the same purpose of securing a door way, they just do so using different types of technology.

Magnetic Locks

As the name implies, magnetic locks use magnetic force to secure a door way. Magnetic locks, also known as Electromagnetic locks consists of two main parts, an electromagnet and an armature plate. The Electromagnet portion of the system is attached to the door frame while the armature plate is attached to the door itself.

An electric current is used to lock a door by magnetically attracting the armature plate to the electromagnet (using various holding forces) located on the door frame. To unlock the door, the electric current is interrupted and the magnetic attraction force of the electromagnet is stopped allowing the door to be opened. 

Electric Strikes

Electric strikes are attached to the door frame replacing a fixed strike faceplate and electronically manipulate a ramp to grant or restrict a door from opening.

If you're sure that an electric strike is what you need for your security application, take a look at our wide variety of electric strikes as well as pre-configured electric strike kits.

Whether you use a magnetic lock or electric strike as your means of securing your door way there are a wide variety of access control devices that you can utilize to form your overall security system.

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