Randell in the Marshall Islands asks… 1. One "panel" handles two doors. How big is the panel and where do people usually mount it? 2. Does each door then also have a card detector? Do we have to run any cables or power anything to those? 3. The software is installed on a server I assume? If power or communications are lost on that link will the doors still open? 4. How do we install the maglocks? Currently the doors are just like basic wooden or drywall type material with door knobs

Answers: Good morning Randell, to answer questions 1& 2 the simplest way possible, you will be mounting the controllers the following way... Each Secura Key ACP Panel controls two doors, so you would find a location that is midway between two doors and would mount a control panel (SK-ACP Panel) and one power supply (FAS-12VDC7aBUPBOX) above the drop ceiling. You will then need to run a 22/6 (6 conductor/22AWG stranded wire)to each of the card readers, an 18/2 stranded wire to the magnetic lock and another 18/2 stranded to the free exit button... of course you'll need the CAT5E/CAT6 wire to the SK-ACP panel for communication and programming. You will need to connect the SK-ACP (COM and N/C), the Free Exit Button (COM and N/C) and the Maglock in SERIES to the positive lead of your power supply and the negative lead of the power supply goes directly to the negative post of the Maglock. To answer question 3... Yes the software is indeed on your server, however each panel retains the information it receives from the server and exist as a separate entity. Additionally the way I have set these up for you, both the power supply as well as the SK-ACP controller have battery backup to ensure uninterrupted service even during a power outage. And last but not least, the answer to question number 4 is that the maglocks get mounted to the door frames and the catch plate on the actual door.

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