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Installing a magnetic gate can be a wonderful way to put an extra security layer to your home or building. This electromagnetic lock utilizes a powerful magnet to secure a gate, making it almost impossible to pry it open.

Installing the magnetic gate lock can be quite challenging, particularly if you do not have any prior knowledge. Fortunately, this article will guide you on how to install a magnetic gate.

What Is a Magnetic Gate Lock?

Magnetic locks should be an integral aspect of any building’s security. They offer an additional security layer, keeping your property and family safe from burglars. Installing a magnetic gate lock can be a great way to protect your home and property.

A magnetic lock, or mag lock, as it's known, is a locking mechanism that utilizes magnets to keep a gate closed. Generally, a mag lock is installed where a typical deadbolt lock is. Magnetic locks and other related products are especially prevalent because they provide sufficient security and can quickly open during emergencies.

These locks function by utilizing a group of magnets to keep the gate secure. These magnets are typically placed on the gate and frame to create a strong magnetic field to hold the gate in place. This magnetic field makes it quite impossible for any unauthorized person to open the gate from the outside.

How Does a Magnetic Gate Lock Work?

A mag lock gate works in the same principle a magnet does; when you attach a piece of metal to a magnet, both items stick together. A big magnet is generally mounted on the gate frame, while a smaller one is placed on the gate. Once both magnets come in contact, they create a strong magnetic field that ensures the gate remains closed.

Where Should a Magnetic Gate Lock Be Installed?

As stated earlier, mag locks are becoming increasingly popular since they provide additional security. It also helps that they have a typically seamless installation. It's possible to purchase a magnetic gate lock kit with all the necessary accessories, components, and installation instructions. Alternatively, you can hire a professional installer to handle the entire process.

The great thing about a magnetic gate lock is that you can install it just about anywhere you want. For instance, you can install it on a front gate, a back gate, a side gate, or even inside the building.

Electromagnetic locks are great for those that want to keep their building secure and safe. Additionally, installation is quite easy, thanks to the seamless design.

How to Install a Magnetic Gate Lock

To install a magnetic gate lock, you will need the following tools:

  • Chisel
  • Hammer
  • Socket or wrench set
  • Magnetic gate lock
  • Phillips head screwdriver
  • Level
  • Square
  • Drill

Determine the Type of Lock You Require

Three types of magnetic locks can work for a mag lock installation: bored, rim, or mortise.

Bored locks are generally installed through the gate’s edge, utilizing mounting plates to secure the lock to the frame. Rim locks are mounted on the gate’s surface and are kept in place with screws. Mortise locks generally require you to cut conduit holes in the gate. The lock then slides into the pocket from the side.

Choose Your Mount Location

Once you determine the type of lock you require, you can select a location to install it on the gate. When mounting your lock, it should be sufficiently high that individuals cannot simply reach over to unlock the gate. Furthermore, it shouldn’t be too low that the bolt extends past the gate’s edge.

Consider How Thick the Gate Is

When buying a magnetic lock for your access control system, you need to know your gate’s specifications. This ensures that you have the right accessories suitable for your gate's thickness.

Drilling Conduit Holes in Your Gate

The next step requires you to drill two conduit holes into the gate’s edge. The conduit holes should be at a suitable height. The conduit holes should also be large enough to fit your magnetic gate lock kits. When doing this, ensure you utilize a level and square when drilling the conduit holes to ensure the gate is level and straight.

Install Your Strike Plate

Your strike plate is the metal piece installed on the gate frame. Its job is to secure the magnetic gate lock in place. For this step, you will need a socket set or wrench to take the screws off the strike plate before installing them onto the gate frame. When doing this, ensure that the conduit holes in the gate line up with the holes in the plate. Put the screws back on and ensure they're tight.

Install Your Magnetic Lock

Your magnetic gate lock kit should have a key cylinder, deadbolt, and mounting bracket. The mounting bracket should have two holes in it. Line these holes up with the conduit holes in your mounting bracket, and tap the screws into place using a hammer. Ensure that you don't over-tighten the screws, or else the damage can become damaged.

You can then fit the key cylinder into the conduit holes on the mounting bracket. Push it down till it snaps in. The installation, if done correctly, should have the key cylinder facing the doorknob.

Magnetic Gate Lock Installation Tips:

  • If you have pets or children, you must ensure the key is kept out of their reach.
  • When installing your magnetic gate lock, do so carefully not to pinch your fingers between the frame and gate.
  • Make sure you have enough space on the gate to attach your magnet. You might need to make adjustments if you don’t have enough space.
  • Check the gate and frame to make sure they are in great condition. If they aren’t in great condition, you might need to conduct some repairs on the gate before installing your magnetic gate lock.

Magnetic gate locks can be a wonderful way to enhance your security. They offer a lot more durability than conventional locks. It also helps that they are more challenging to tamper with or pick.

If you have any questions about magnetic gate locks or need help with installation, please don't hesitate to contact us. We're always happy to help our customers choose and install the best possible products for their needs.

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