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A building is only as secure as its weakest point, and garage doors are one of the most common targets for intruders. Since most people tend to put some of their valuables in their garages, they become at risk of theft. Garage doors can also act as an access point to the entire home. Having just a run-of-the-mill garage door isn't sufficient to keep burglars and intruders out.

There are various methods one can use to open a garage door, be it a hanger to trigger the emergency release or using a crowbar to pry the door open. Your vulnerability is doubled if you have a remote-controlled garage door opener, as burglars can spoof your signal resulting in your garage door opening.

You can improve your garage door security with lock bolts and high-quality door hardware; this adds an extra layer of security that can prove to be the ultimate deterrent to prospective burglars and other intruders.

This article will highlight the best garage door lock kit to make your garage more secure; however, before that, it is important to consider certain variables when purchasing a garage door for improved home security.

Variables to Consider When Purchasing a Garage Door Lock

Garage Door Accessories

Essentials for added security and protection include locking screws and bolts to secure the garage lock. Another accessory you might want to consider—depending on the garage lock type—is a padlock. If you intend to purchase a padlock, then you must invest in a high-quality one that is just as secure as the lock.

Weather-Proof and Durable

Considering you might be installing the garage dock lock kit outside, you need to ensure that it doesn’t weaken and rust after a couple of months. The best bolts and garage door lock kits are corrosion-resistant and are made with finishes designed to withstand years of use and functionality outdoors.

How Easy Is Installation?

This is another variable to consider when trying to get the best metal garage door openers. Easy installation should be a factor you pay close attention to, especially if you have just a foundational knowledge of DIY.

Alternatively, you can hire a professional, but that means you will have to spend a lot more money, and that expense can turn out to be higher than the garage door lock kit itself.

Check the manufacturer installation requirements to learn what tools are required for the installation process. You can also view customer reviews for any issues other customers have faced during installation.

Garage Door Type

You have to pay attention to the type of lock you get on your garage door. It has to be right for your garage. Certain locks have been designed for tilt-up or up-and-over garage doors, while others work well with hinged garage doors and roll-up doors. Nevertheless, some garage door locks have a versatile locking mechanism and design that can function with other garage door types.

Security Level

Generally, the best garage door lock kit is one that can provide security against all forms of forced entry. Can your garage door lock be forced open using a crowbar? Can the lock be broken if sufficiently pushed? You must ensure that the garage door lock kit you purchase is secure and high quality. This includes high-quality bolts, a tamper-proof locking mechanism, and a thick base place.

Best Garage Door Lock Kit

Adams Rite Mortise Cylinder

The Adams Rite Mortise Cylinder is one of the best garage door lock kits you can purchase. It has some components that are bound to work well with individuals looking to improve their garage security.

For example, this garage door lock kit has been constructed with a black anodized aluminum finish, ensuring durability. It has also been proven to provide great performance and last long.

It uses a mortise cylinder for its locking mechanism, ensuring you never have to worry about nefarious characters tampering with the lock. This design will prevent any burglar from accessing the rest of the house from the garage.

Furthermore, it has a seamless design that works well with almost any garage door. It also helps that it is one of the least expensive options on this list, making it a great choice for those that want a bargain. Due to this, it can prove a simple but effective solution for those that want to protect their homes.

DormaKaba Cylindrical Combination Lever Lock

The DormaKaba Cylindrical combination lever lock helps provide exterior access by combination while enabling free egress. It has a mechanical pushbutton lock that helps eradicate costs and issues associated with controlling, issuing, and collecting keys. This fully mechanical lock also works without a battery, eliminating the labor and material expense of replacing batteries.

This DormaKaba garage door lock kit requires just one access code, making it easier to manage code for all users. The garage door lock kit can be seamlessly programmed using the keypad without removing the lock from the door.

You can also get a pre-assembled, non-handed style for left-hand door installations. It also comes with a key override via the key-in-lever cylinders, large format removable core, and small format interchangeable cores.

What’s even better is that this garage door lock meets the accessibility standard set by the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Easilok A5 Single-Lock Deadbolt

This single lock deadbolt from Easilok comes with three keys, screws, and a commutator adjustor. The AlSecure Twist-to-Lock feature ensures you can lock your garage door keyless.

You get an anti-mislock button that helps prevent any unintentional lockout. You also get a specially designed DEAD-BUTTON that acts as a child safety lock.

Construction of the Easilok A5 single-lock deadbolt uses a zinc alloy for the knob, stainless steel for the CAM bar and iron plating for the housing.

The Best Garage Door Lock Kit

A garage door lock kit is a great way to make your garage more secure. They are easy to install and use, and they provide an extra layer of security for your home. The team at our company is always happy to help answer any questions you may have about garage door locks or other security products. Contact us today for more information.

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