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Technology has come so far. In today’s world, we get to know about new inventions very frequently. The improvement in technology has made our lives more easy and convenient. It has not only made our lives comfortable but more secure as well. If we talk about security, we usually talk about locks.

Wireless technology has been revolutionary; it has helped people throughout the world get rid of the hassle of using wires. Wireless technology helps users safely operate devices without even touching them. The Linear AP5 receiver has been designed to wirelessly communicate with gates or doors. This access controller can be used for a wide range of applications and is capable of controlling 2 magnetic locks, electric strikes, barrier gates and other safety devices at once.

Some of the best features of this security device are as follows:-

  • This gate and door controller provides enhanced security
  • The wireless technology in the receiver is capable of picking up transmitter signals from up to 500 feet
  • This receiver is easy to install and set up
  • The receiver comes with capacity for up to 480 remote control transmitters.
  • The controller is easy to manage. You can make necessary changes to the receiver through the programming mode as per your requirement.
  • The controller is cost effective and helps you avoid the monthly cost of your security guard.
If you're in the market for a wireless access controller, consider the options available to help you enhance your security while also increasing your convenience. If you are serious about your security, take a closer look at wireless access controls to gain an additional layer of security for your property. This controller is ideal for all gated communities, gated homes, parking lots, campuses, schools and factories.

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