LiftMaster RSW12UL Swing Gate Opener

The RSW12UL is a residential light commercial gate operator that delivers accurate control of the gate and performance.

Have the freedom to control access to your property like never before With MyQ with smart phone access. This exquisite system has an integrated battery backup for up to 63 days*. Without recharging, can provide external power to your property by producing up to 147 cycles* or up to 63* days of standby power when the power is down and not accessible for extended an extended period of time on a standard 7AH battery. No other unit can provide this unbeatable assurance and peace of mind. Its solar power capability makes this a power efficient operator and it may qualify homeowners for solar tax credit. This intriguing feature provides security and reliability in unexpected situations.

High-Impact Polyethylene UV-Resistant Cover offers durable protection and easy access for service if required. This exemplary operator runs on a powerful 12VDC or Solar motor and supports heavy duty gates up to 16 ft. in length or weighing up to 1000 lbs. Travel speed of the operator is 90 degree opening in 13-15 Seconds. With LED Diagnostic Display, It simplifies installation and troubleshooting. The operator has optional Expansion board which easily allows the addition of warning lights or alarms, Anti-Tailgate to prevent unauthorized access and quick close to close the gate immediately after a vehicle pulls off sensor.

If you need to talk to an expert in this operator please contact your authorized distributor Fast Access Security, at 305-437-9757 they will be able to provide you with accurate information and will help you to add any accessories you required to have a complete functional system.

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James Perry

James Perry

Looking for parts for my Liftmaster Swing Gate Model #RSW12VDC
1. Antenna 16-K77-36541
2. Remote Antenna Extension Kit Model 86LM
3. Small Slide Cover For on-off Switch

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