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Swing gates are suitable for properties with narrow driveways because they rotate around hinges on gate posts at the sides of driveway entrances, so you don’t need extra space on the sides like you would to install a sliding gate. You only need space on the driveway itself to allow them to swing open. They are also quieter, easier to install, and require less maintenance as their mechanism utilizes fewer moving parts.

Regardless of how or why you wound up with a swing gate, automating it enables you to utilize its full potential seamlessly and conveniently. This article is about variations of the LiftMaster swing gate opener and how to optimize their utility in access control automation under different circumstances.

Let’s start with why we isolated this particular brand for swing gate openers.

Why LiftMaster Swing Gate Openers?

If you are flirting with the idea of upgrading any part of your security system, it is best practice to look for brands with years of experience. This way, you can tell if they are capable of designing and delivering convenient, practical and durable access control solutions.

LiftMaster has a wide selection of tested swing gate openers for commercial and residential applications. This gives you the freedom to customize your access control system however is convenient for your premises.

They also integrate with LiftMaster access control technology for effortless manipulation and have been designed to handle heavy gates in extreme conditions, combining reliability and value for money.

Benefits of Using a LiftMaster Swing Gate Opener to Automate Your Access Points

Ease of Operation

LiftMaster swing gate openers can be operated remotely through an arsenal of tools; you can download LiftMaster’s myQ app and use your cellphone with myQ technology and their control panel with different keypads or the wireless remote control.

Heavy-duty LiftMaster swing gate openers haul up to 1,600 pounds of eight-foot long gates or 600 pounds of 18-foot long gates. This can be hard work, especially in high-traffic areas where the gates are constantly opened. It’s much easier if a machine handles the gate's weight and tension.


The LiftMaster family is a suite of operating gates, parts,  and accessories that can be connected and controlled from a central point or control box. You can open and shut the gate from the comfort of your car or house without walking to the access point or braving extreme weather conditions. Nobody wants to be outside in the pouring rain just to open or close a barrier gate.

Enhanced Security

A swing gate restricts vehicle and pedestrian access to your property. An automated gate prevents children from wandering into the road, getting lost, or walking into oncoming traffic from their residences. It also bars pets from wandering off and prevents strays from getting in.

Gate automation enables you to enhance security through add-ons like automated locks, access control systems, and telephone entry systems that are harder to crack than physical locks.

A LiftMaster swing gate opener can be paired with an expansive range of security tools; the Retro-Reflective Photo Eye detects objects passing through its light beams, an SOS emergency access siren, and outdoor magnetic lock kits, among others.

They also employ safety-enhancing mechanisms like Anti-Tailgate, which hastens gate shutting to keep intruders at bay and ensures safety while reversing. This relies on photo eye sensors to prevent the gate from harming humans or damaging vehicles due to excessive closing force. There is also a pre-motion warning alarm so people can clear the way before the gate opens and many other systems.

Aesthetic Appeal

Swing gate openers come in many designs, and LiftMaster offers a variety that you can choose from to add a touch of luxury and style to your access control system. The idea is to find one that complements the rest of the premises and fits your taste. The first impression goes a long way in enhancing your curb appeal.

LiftMaster swing gate opener parts can be bought separately, which means you can choose the type, color or size of arm or actuator that best complements your setup.

Raising Property Value

The enhanced curb appeal, additional security features and convenience that come with a functional swing gate opener make the property more appealing to potential buyers, especially if other properties in the neighborhood don’t have similar access control features. This translates to a higher market value.


LiftMaster swing gate openers are made to withstand harsh working environments. Their sturdy construction has them driven by heavy-duty commercial gears with precision machined gear drives which fit perfectly and don’t wear easily. The chassis is zinc-plated steel which embodies strength and corrosion resistance.

They come with failsafe systems like surge suppression which offers protection from damage due to electric fluctuations and manual override. This self-regulating wear and tear mean more years of service from any LiftMaster swing gate opener you choose.

Extended Warranty

LiftMaster gate openers for residential purposes are covered for up to seven years, while commercial gate openers are covered for up to five years. This is a testament to the manufacturer’s belief in their resilience.

Simple Installation

LiftMaster offers a wide range of options to customize and get value for your money. You don’t have to pay for an entirely new structure or replace gates already in use to have them installed. They allow you to retain your entrance the way it was.

Swing Gate Opener Limitations

These shortcomings cut across all swing gates regardless of the brand of gate opener you are using. They aren’t LiftMaster problems but rather swing gate problems which put them at a disadvantage compared to sliding gates.

Wind Resistance

Swing gate openers will struggle in high-wind areas when the wind blows against the direction the gates are supposed to be going. The strain on the arms laden with the weight of the gate may hamper the operation of the swing gate openers.

Extreme Weather Conditions

This particularly concerns harsh winters and snowstorms. It is worse than wind resistance because snow and ice block the swinging gate’s path. This removes the convenience of remotely controlling the gate as someone has to shovel the snow.

Size Limitations

Swing Gates need space to swing open and close, a luxury you may not have if the space is otherwise engaged or your driveway is limited. Under these circumstances, a sliding gate that moves flush against the wall or fence will be a better idea.

The swing gate design also limits the ideal length of the gate. Because all the weight is leveraged on the gate post, the longer the gate is, the more power is required by the swing gate opener to control it. The center of gravity is further away from the fulcrum, which renders the gate a heavier load.

You may be required to use dual swing gates with a dual swing gate opener which will set you back a few more bucks.

The LiftMaster Dual Solar Swing Gate Opener can operate up to 16 feet of a 550lb gate thanks to its heavy-duty cast aluminum housing DC motor. The heavy-duty dual swing gate opener version can be 18 feet at 600lbs. It comes with the P3 continuous-duty motor that pushes 24 volts of DC.

LiftMaster Swing Gate Operators

If you are looking for a swing gate opener that is long lasting and reliable, the LiftMaster Swing Gate Opener is a great choice. With its many features and benefits, this gate opener is sure to meet your needs. Contact us today if you have any questions about this product or other products in our inventory. We would be happy to assist you.

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