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As an owner of a LiftMaster product, you're likely always looking for updates on the latest and greatest from the company. Well, look no further - we've got all the latest news for you right here. Keep reading to learn more about the latest product updates from LiftMaster.

To improve the safety of residential and light duty commercial customers, LiftMaster is making changes to some products. The company's latest innovation will modify their infrared (IR) safety sensor low power mode. They're also updating radio frequencies used by transmitters as well as adding new ones for improved communication between units throughout your property line.

What is new?
Garage Door Operators & Light Duty Commercial Door Operators Gates
  • Automate how gate limits and automatic force are established.
  • Introduce two new error codes.
  • Updated receiver.
Commercial Door Operators and Intercoms
  • Updated receiver.
Radio Controls
  • Move from TriBand frequencies to Single Frequency.
  • Alternate Frequency Mode (390MHz) available on most receivers and select remotes and keypads
How can you identify new products?

To identify new products in the field, an “MC” suffix will be added to the SKU number along with new UPCs. The current model numbers will remain on the packages. From an ordering perspective, you will not need to change how you order product. This applies to garage door operators, radio accessories, commercial door operators, gate operators, smart garage controls, and smart video intercoms.

A new Step Saver label will be added to operators that have been updated.

Step Saver label

All affected LiftMaster garage door operators, accessories, commercial door operators, and gates will have the text “MC” visible on the product label in the model section. This text will be right aligned next to the current model number, which is not changing.

“MC” visible on the product label in the model section

To learn more about LiftMaster's product update, please watch this video.

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