OK folks lets talk a little about the LiftMaster CPWR receiver which has been discontinued and is never coming back… I had the audacity of asking the folks at LiftMaster about the defunct receiver and what happens in a community of 400 residences if the existing CPWR receiver were to suddenly die, because I had a client going thru the heevee-jeevee’s because it was happening to them. Here is how I planted the problem to the engineers:

Question: I have a client in the Sarasota/St Pete area that has a CPWR receiver hooked up via weigand to a Linear AE-2000 Telephone entry system and using your transmitters because they can also be programmed into the garage overhead doors. Their receiver has been replaced once with an extra that they had on hand and it is now acting up again like it did in the past after a rather severe thunderstorm and is beginning to fail…

Answer: To all – we don’t have any more CPWR 390 MHz receivers. What we CAN do is provide them a CPWR3 with the CPRPT Repeater. This will keep all of the existing remotes working with the gate as well as their garage door openers. Let Ralph (that’s me) know that he needs to work with the community to get them migrated to the new 2.0, and since they have to go in there to remove the defective CPWR and replace it with the CPWR3/CPRPT products, they should add the PPWR at the same time for future proofing this site. The community will then purchase the new Passport MAX remotes for replacement transmitters (available late July). So, in short to replace the CPWR you will need to install the following,

  • CPWR3 – New receiver
  • CPRPT – 390Mhz.Translator Board
  • PPWR - New MAX system receiver to start the “Future Proofing”
If this is the same issue that ails you, let it be known that we at Fast Access Security have the ability of resolving the issues and help you fall in love with your gates once again!!! And so with this we bid you farewell, until next time.

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