I have to tell you that I love getting posts like the one from our friend Tom in Arizona. Question: I've just bought a home that has what appears to be an Apollo 1650-ETL solar powered gate package on our driveway entrance. We thoroughly enjoy the unit and its flawless operation. In order to keep it working optimally, I was wondering if there is any recommended maintenance (lubrication) needed for the gate actuators.

Answer: Well Tom, let me congratulate you for the purchase of your new home and I will be happy to assist you. These units do not take much maintenance, just keep your hinges lubricated, the photovoltaic cells clean, the path of the gate clear of debris and check the battery every six months to make sure it’s free of corrosion and at the same time check that the interior of the control cabinet is free of debris while you drop in a little “Moth Crystals” to avoid insect infestation.

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