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You can’t deny that security is crucial to all types of businesses, both large and small. Handling high-end equipment or sensitive information means you need to take measures to protect the assets of your business to elevate its success. Here’s where Keyscan access control systems come into play. Regardless of the number of employees you have, this system will deny or allow access accordingly and grant your employees free rein to go where they need to. In this guide, we delve into the perks that come with investing in Keyscan access control systems.

1. Elevates Ease of Access

A Keyscan access control system paves the way for you to "set and forget" who has access to particular areas of your organization. Once you provide authorization, employees can access the areas they need to and get the job done. With the input of a pin or scan of a key card, a staff member can easily access anywhere they need to.

2. Eliminate the Use of Traditional Keys

Let’s face it, using traditional keys comes with a few drawbacks. The larger the facility, the more locks are required. High-clearance employees or janitors require bulky keyrings that cause confusion about which key is which. A Keyscan system cuts down the hassle and time required to gain entry into restricted areas while saving you visits from the locksmith. Additionally, it’s a breeze to duplicate keys, increasing the susceptibility to unauthorized access. If a staff member doesn’t hand in their keys before leaving the organization, you leave yourself unprotected. That calls for the frequent changing of your locks. Keyscan access control systems eliminate this tedious and recurring process.

3. Saves Energy and Money

With access control systems, you don’t have to incur the cost of security personnel and locks. The system verifies a user’s identity without needing a security guard. Additionally, there are integration options for existing infrastructure, like cooling, lighting, and heating systems. Sensor lights can be activated whereby they go on upon detecting people in a room and switch off when they leave. The system also allows you to adjust the temperatures accordingly when there’s no one in the vicinity for energy efficiency.

4. Monitor Everyone Who Arrives and Leaves

One of the perks of implementing the Keyscan access security system is that it provides information on each person entering and leaving the facility. Therefore, you can monitor your staff to ensure everyone is working when they are supposed to be. If an accident or theft occurs, you can track anyone who accessed a particular area at the time of the incident.

5. Protection from Unwanted Visitors

A big company ushers in the opportunity for visitors to go unnoticed. An advantage of using Keyscan access control units is that unauthorized people cannot enter the premises. After all, doors require credentials before they unlock, meaning only those with credentials can access the restricted area. You can even control doors in various departments or even limit elevator floor access when required. The system ensures everyone in your building is authorized to be there regardless of whether you know them.

6. Provide Staff Members with the Freedom to Work as Required

When staff members work at varying times, a Keyscan access control system allows them to access the premises as need be. They can clock in early without the hassle of waiting for a janitor to unlock the doors. Additionally, the security personnel don’t need to stay late to lock up at the end of each working day. Your employees will have flexible schedules. Courtesy of the management dashboard, you have free rein to check people coming in and leaving with remote access.

7. Curb Security Breaches

Client data, health information, and financial records are typically stored on company servers. An access control system can grant or prevent access to particular computers, networks, or IT rooms which means only authorized personnel can gain access.

8. Provide a Safe Working Environment

Keyscan access control systems allow strict access control to authorized individuals. You have free rein to conduct background checks and prevent access to those lacking proper credentials. Furthermore, these systems can ensure the safety of your employees if emergencies crop up. A door with the lock-and-key mechanism remains locked, which can be hazardous in emergencies such as a fire outbreak that calls for a rapid escape. By utilizing a Keyscan access control system, the protected doors unlock when the power is out, allowing people to vacate the premises without the hassle of fumbling for their keys.

9. Reduce Accidents and Theft

You can safeguard your organization’s assets, office supplies, and pricey equipment by investing in Keyscan control access systems. The system is a beast at limiting access to computer banks and supply closets. Therefore, only authorized staff members can gain access. When your employees are aware that they are being monitored as they enter and leave the building, it prevents theft. Additionally, chemicals or lab equipment in hospitals, clinics, or schools can be a health hazard to untrained users. To curb accidents or injuries, you can limit access to trained professionals.

10. Allow Entry into Several Locations or Buildings

Conventional key-based security becomes cumbersome in areas with several locations. For instance, a learning institution with two or three campuses may have faculty members that lecture in all. Similarly, a hospital with two or three buildings might require granting various levels of access to the personnel working in each building or floor.

11. Abide By Industry Standards or Security Regulations

There is a wide range of regulations for data security that require limitations on physical access to data. Those in the healthcare sector might abide by HIPPA. Nevertheless, most companies are subject to these standards as well. If a student or employee requires a leave of absence, their medical records must remain confidential. When it comes to commerce, customers’ financial records must remain secure. That means IT departments must limit access to digital data and company servers.


Protect your business or home today by switching to a Keyscan access control unit. It comes in handy and can simplify life for your employees, guarantee the security of your workplace, and cut down on costs of dealing with security breaches, for instance. In a nutshell, the access control means restricting entry to a designated building or area. That includes access to given areas within a building or outside gates.

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