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Driveway gate openers offer an added layer of security and convenience to your home, property, or place of business. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to automatic gate openers. Depending on the purpose of your driveway gate opener, the type of gate opener that is best suited will vary significantly on a case-to-case basis. When deciding on a make and model for your driveway gate opener, you will need to consider these three things that will help you come to an informed decision that provides you with the most value. Value is not based on cost alone. These three factors will help you take a deeper look at your needs to decide what driveway gate opener makes the most of your money and that you spend where you need to and save where it is appropriate. All things considered, we hope to be helpful in your final decision for long-term satisfaction in your purchase.

There are many ways to approach gate opening. Three things to consider when deciding what driveway gate opener is right for you are:

  1. Type of Gate opener
  2. Anticipated level of use
  3. Desired methods of access

Read the following to help you decide which type of opener best suits your needs.

1. Type of Gate Openers

Many gate openers will be compatible with only one or two types of gates. Make sure you are considering the compatibility of your gate opener. A swing gate opener, like the LiftMaster LA400PKGUL, will come with a lower price point; however, a swing driveway gate opener may not work to its best ability if the driveway is on an incline or the residential or commercial property driveway is in a snowy climate. A sliding gate opener is better for harsh climates and rough terrain. With lower maintenance and the ability to be more effective in certain climates or geographical areas, swinging gates may become the most optimal choice for your driveway gate opener.

Barrier gate arm openers, like the Gate Arm+ 17ft LED Barrier Arm Kit, and vertical gate openers, like the HySecurity HydraLift 20F UPS Vertical Lift Operator, are more geared towards industrial applications. A barrier gate opener has a lower price point and is more energy-efficient than a vertical gate opener, sliding gate opener, and swing gate openers. That said, barrier gate arms can only restrict access to vehicles while pedestrians and animals can go in and out of the driveway freely. Vertical gate openers offer a high level of security, but they also require more electricity to function. The gate opener for a vertical gate will have a much higher price point, respectively.

2. Anticipated level of use

Gates used for commercial services or industrial applications must withstand more opening cycles than a residential electric gate opener. An automatic gate opener highly reviewed for residential use may not give you the same results for a heavily used commercial or industrial driveway entrance. A barrier gate arm opener meant for a parking garage, like the BFT Giotto 30S Parking & Car Wash Access Barrier Gate, or toll booth, like the Magnetic Autocontrol CE Microdrive Toll Highspeed 10 ft. Passage, can expect a heavy flow of traffic coming in and out regularly. A barrier gate arm operator will need to endure many opening and closing cycles per hour. These gate openers designed for industrial use will have a higher price point; however, it will be money well spent for gate openers with an anticipated heavy amount of regular usage.

A driveway gate opener for a swing or slide gate on a residential or commercial property with only a light anticipated usage, like the ASE J-SLIDE Residential Slide Gate Opener Kit, comes with a lower price point. The gate opener does not have nearly as many opening and closing cycles as an industrial gate opener as the barrier gate opener explained above.

3. Desired methods of access

We’re in the age of technology, and focus needs to be directed to the type of automation you are looking for in all products, including your automatic gate openers. There are gate openers that offer automated operation for various gate types through remote control, a keypad, or a cell phone. Depending on usage and the number of people you wish to have constant access, finding a driveway gate opener that grants access in the ways you need it to will increase the amount of convenience this automatic gate opener brings to your life.


Finding the right gate opener that suits the purpose of your needs for your residential, commercial, or industrial driveway depends on many factors. Consider these three tips when deciding to purchase a driveway gate opener.

Good ratings and reviews on driveway gate openers alone are not enough to base your final decision. A well-reviewed gate opener could be a great option for a residential property, but if your needs are for a commercial property with heavy anticipated usage, you may find yourself disappointed with your purchase down the road. The type of gate you have or desire, the anticipated level of use, and the desired access will impact which driveway gate opener is the best option for you.

The purpose of this article is to help you consider all aspects of your needs relative to the types of driveway gate openers available to help you find the gate opener for your driveway that provides the best overall value for your needs. We hope we have shed some light on the things to consider in the decision-making process. We hope it has provided insight about finding the right answer when looking for the most value and long-term satisfaction in your driveway gate opener.

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