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Cargo theft has been on the rise recently and it is no surprise that many storage facilities are looking to increase security measures. One such measure is the installation of a fence detection system, such as the IRONCLAD Perimeter Fence Detection System developed by RBtec. This system provides an efficient way to detect if someone is attempting to climb or cut your storage facility's fence. Let’s take a closer look at how this system works and why it may be beneficial for your storage facility.

RBtec for Commercial Facilities

The logistical storage and commercial distribution industry is integral to our transportation systems, yet they are frequently targets of theft. Companies like RBtec have been contacted by large chains of self-storage facilities that have experienced multiple break-ins at multiple locations. To stay afloat and maintain their operations, these businesses need to be able to guarantee their security features and prevent thefts. Otherwise, they will not have the confidence of their customers in the long term - and this just isn't an option for them.

RBtec IRONCLAD Perimeter Fence Detection Systems

When it comes to security, RBtec understands the importance of having reliable alarm systems in place. With this thought process in mind, they developed a simple and user friendly IRONCLAD Perimeter Fence Detection System, specifically designed to alert if someone is trying to climb or cut the fence. It's the perfect solution for customers who require a reliable device that has been tested through various scenarios to ensure optimal performance. With its cutting-edge technology and competitive pricing, you can trust your property is protected with RBtec's IRONCLAD Perimeter Fence Detection System.

RBtec IRONCLAD Perimeter Fence Detection System Advantages

While other methods of detecting perimeter intrusions can be expensive, labor intensive, require frequent maintenance or leave gaps in coverage, the RBtec IRONCLAD Perimeter Fence Detection Systems provides an cost effective and highly functional option to create a secure perimeter that fires accurate alarms, with no prior experience or training needed. The three layers of false alarm filtration and easily adjustable zone sensitivity mean that you have peace of mind knowing that only real events will alert you.

Additionally, this system protects up to a 10ft/3m fence height with a single cable in the middle of the fence ensuring a comprehensive view of any activity along your fencing. With its all-in-one, plug & play installation no special tools are required for setup, maintenance is not necessary and with the warranty included there is nothing left to worry about. If you would like to learn more about this systems, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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