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EMX's Innovative Inductive Loop Sensors represent a cutting-edge approach to vehicle detection, redefining the industry's standards and offering an array of groundbreaking features. These sensors are not just your typical inductive loop detectors; they bring innovation to the forefront of vehicle detection technology.

Revolutionizing Vehicle Detection

EMX's inductive loop sensors are revolutionizing the way we perceive and use vehicle detection technology. Unlike traditional sensors that rely solely on established methods, these innovative sensors push the boundaries of what's possible. They introduce novel concepts and advanced features that set them apart from the competition.

Advanced Features for Optimal Performance

One of the standout features of these sensors is their ability to adapt to a wide range of applications. From multi-voltage compatibility to unique sensitivity settings and operating frequencies, these sensors offer a level of customization and versatility that was previously unheard of. This adaptability ensures that they can meet the specific needs of any project, regardless of its scale or complexity.

Streamlined Installation and Operation

EMX's innovating inductive loop sensors are designed with ease of use in mind. The unique sensitivity display simplifies installation, saving valuable time and effort. This user-friendly approach allows for a hassle-free setup, making these sensors accessible to both seasoned professionals and newcomers in the field.

Unique DETECT-ON-STOP Technology

One of the most remarkable innovations introduced by EMX is the DETECT-ON-STOP (DOS) technology. This feature enables these sensors to detect vehicles only when they come to a complete stop on the loop. This technology is especially valuable in situations with limited space, allowing for a more precise and controlled approach to vehicle detection.

Universal Voltage Compatibility

EMX's inductive loop sensors offer universal voltage compatibility, covering an impressive range from 12VDC to 240VAC. This multi-voltage capability simplifies inventory management and reduces the cost associated with stocking and transporting multiple units. It's a solution that offers both flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

Built to Last

Durability is a critical factor in the design of these sensors. With features like enhanced lightning/surge immunity and sturdy aluminum RF shield housing, they are built to withstand the test of time. This robust construction ensures reliable and consistent performance in various environments and conditions.

Innovative Variants

EMX's commitment to innovation extends to a range of sensor variants. The ULTRA-MVP-2, for instance, provides AB logic and two relays for each channel, offering enhanced customization options. The ULTRA-DIN is a space-efficient DIN rail mount vehicle loop detector that doesn't compromise on features. The ULTRA-PLG, on the other hand, is a cost-effective plug-in module, designed for compatibility with a wide range of gate operators. Finally, the ULTRA-2 introduces a unique loop sensor design with a user-friendly, detachable terminal block that streamlines installation.

In summary, EMX's inductive loop sensors are a testament to the company's commitment to pushing the boundaries of vehicle detection technology. These sensors introduce advanced features, adaptability, and ease of use, making them stand out as the future of vehicle detection. Whether you're looking for cutting-edge solutions or enhanced reliability, EMX's innovative sensors are the answer to your vehicle detection needs.

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